Meeting Time and Format

The Astrophysics Seminar/Journal Club meets in 338 Gallalee Hall on:
1. Wednesdays from 2:00 – 3:00p.m. and
2. Fridays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Anyone in the department may attend.

On Wednesday’s we participate in the live broadcast of colloquium talks hosted by NASA/AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute. The schedule for the talks is available here.

The Friday meeting consists of two segments:

  • 20-minute talk (+10 minute discussion)
  • article summary and discussion (5-10 minutes)

Volunteering for Article Summaries

Please send your articles to Dean and Jimmy. If your article is too old to be interesting, replace it!

Please propose articles that are fairly recent (within a few months or so), are of interest to you, and you feel you can digest and summarize well. Check out the list of previously presented articles.

Where to Find Articles

Schedule for Fall 2019

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
08/23 Organizational Meeting
09/06 Sreetama Goswami

“Search for PeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Southern Hemisphere with 5 Years of Data from the IceCube Observatory”  Aartsen et al. (arXiv:1908.09918)

09/13 Gallalee Hall rooftop telescope training (Keel)
09/20 Wenhao Li
“AGN Properties of Post Mergers in SDSS”
09/27 Shahram Talei
“From dark matter to stellar halo with CoSANG”
Shahram Talei
“Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation” Vogelsberger et al. (arXiv:1909.07976)
Kavya Mukundan
“What Determines the Sizes of Bars in Spiral Galaxies?” Erwin (arXiv:1908.08423)
10/04 Kavya Mukundan
“Understanding Barred galaxies in the local universe”
Dean Townsley
“The Progenitors of Calcium-Strong Transients” Shen et al. (arXiv:1908.08056)
10/11 Rebeca Batalha
“Unveiling the Origin of Fossil Groups”
10/18 Jacob Morgan
“The Fates of the Circumgalactic Medium in the FIRE Simulations” Hafen et al. (arXiv:1910.01123)
Jeremy Bailin
“Dark matter halo shapes in the Auriga simulations” Prada et al. (arXiv:1910.04045)
10/25 Anna Parul

“On the origin of the chemical bimodality of disk stars: A tale of merger and migration” (

Jacob Morgan
“A New Class of Changing-look LiNERS” Frederick et al. (2019ApJ…883…31F)Wenhao Li
“Two New “Turn-off” Changing-look Active Galactic nuclei and Implication on “Partially Obscured” AGNs” Wang et al. (arXiv:1910.02392)
11/01 (no meeting, mid-semester study break)
11/08 Ava Ghadimi

“A New Population of Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources Detected by HAWC” (

Sreetama Goswami

“The Size, Shape, and Scattering of Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz: First VLBI with ALMA” (

11/15 Nirmal Baral Ava Ghadimi

Samuel Boos
“Nuclear Ignition of White Dwarf Stars by Relativistic Encounters with Rotating Intermediate Mass Black Holes”

11/22 Samuel Boos Anna Parul, Marko Micic
11/29 (no meeting, Thanksgiving break) (no meeting, Thanksgiving break)
12/06 Marko Micic Nirmal Baral

Archive of previously presented articles.