Meeting Time and Format

During Fall and Spring terms, the Astrophysics Seminar/Journal Club meets in 338 Gallalee Hall on:
1. Wednesdays from 2:00 – 3:00p.m. and
2. Fridays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Anyone in the department may attend.

During Summer, we are meeting via Zoom during our normal Friday time.  Please contact one of the organizers for the Zoom meeting information and to be added to the notifications email list.

On Wednesday’s we participate in the live broadcast of colloquium talks hosted by NASA/AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute. The schedule for the talks is available here.

The Friday meeting consists of two segments:

  • 20-minute talk (+10 minute discussion)
  • article summary and discussion (5-10 minutes)

Volunteering for Article Summaries

Please send your articles to Dean and Jimmy.

Please propose articles that are fairly recent (within a few months or so), are of interest to you, and you feel you can digest and summarize well. Check out the list of previously presented articles.

Where to Find Articles

Topics for Summer 2020








Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
5/15 Jeremy Bailin:

arXiv:2005.03025, Shao et al. “The twisted dark matter halo of the Milky Way”

Preethi Nair: various

5/22 Dawn Williams:

arXiv:2005.05340, Stein et al. “A high-energy neutrino coincident with a tidal disruption event”

Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2005.03196, Tan et al. “New measurement of the 12C+12C fusion reaction at astrophysical energies”

arXiv:2005.08983, Boubert & Everall “Completeness of the Gaia-verse II: what are the odds that a star is missing from Gaia DR2?”


5/29 Jeremy Bailin leading:

arXiv:2005.13161, Macquart et al. “A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts”

Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2005.05972, Miller et al. “The Spectacular Ultraviolet Flash From the Type Ia Supernova 2019yvq”

6/19 Dawn Williams:

arXiv:2006.04918, Lipunov et al. “Optical Observations Reveal Strong Evidence for High Energy Neutrino Progenitor”

Anna Parul:

arXiv:1909.07346, Alexander, Gleyzer, McDonough, Toomey, Usal “Deep Learning the Morphology of Dark Matter Substructure”

6/26 Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2006.07381, Gaensicke et al. “SDSS J124043.01+671034.68: The partially burned remnant of a low-mass white dwarf that underwent thermonuclear ignition?”

Jacob Morgan mentioned:

arXiv:2006.12611, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, “GW190814: Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 23 M Black Hole with a 2.6 M Compact Object”

Bill Keel (offline):

arXiv:2006.12566, Cooke at al. “Astronomy Paper Seminar Participation Guide & Reading Walkthrough”

7/3 Marcos Santander mentioned the use of hubs by Mozilla for poster presentations (and generally avatar-based conferencing).  He also pointed to a presentation on the “First detection of solar neutrinos from the CNO cycle with Borexino” given by Gioacchino Ranucci at the Neutrino 2020 conference.

Praphull Kumar mentioned a paper on “Neutrino Oscillations in Dark Matter” arXiv:1909.10478

7/10 Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2007.04163, Marigo et al. “Carbon star formation as seen through the non-monotonic initial-final mass relation”

Jeremy Bailin:

arXiv:2007.04703, Brainerd and Samuels “Lopsided Satellite Distributions around Isolated Host Galaxies”

Archive of previously presented articles.