Meeting Time and Format

The Astrophysics Seminar/Journal Club meets in 338 Gallalee Hall on:
1. Wednesdays from 2:00 – 3:00p.m. and
2. Fridays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Anyone in the department may attend.

On Wednesday’s we participate in the live broadcast of colloquium talks hosted by NASA/AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute. The schedule for the talks is available here.

The Friday meeting consists of two segments:

  • 20-minute talk (+10 minute discussion)
  • article summary and discussion (5-10 minutes)

Volunteering for Article Summaries

Please send your articles to Dean and Jimmy. If your article is too old to be interesting, replace it!

Please propose articles that are fairly recent (within a few months or so), are of interest to you, and you feel you can digest and summarize well. Check out the list of previously presented articles.

Where to Find Articles

Schedule for Spring 2020


Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
01/24 Kavya Mukundan

“The growth of bulges and discs in relatively HI-rich galaxies: indication from HI scaling relations”


Shahram Talei

“The effects of subgrid models on the properties of giant molecular clouds in galaxy formation simulations”

01/31 (physics contest – no meeting)
02/07 Sreetama Goswami

“Searches for neutrinos from cosmic-ray interactions in the Sun using seven years of IceCube data” IceCube Collaboration (arXiv:1912.13135)

Kavya Mukundan

Revealing the cosmic evolution of boxy/peanut-shaped bulges from HST COSMOS and SDSS” Kruk, Erwin, Debattista, Lintott (2019MNRAS.490.4721K)

02/14 Marco Micic

“A New Sample of (Wandering) Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies from High-resolution Radio Observations” Reines et al. (2020ApJ…888…36R)

Wenhao Li

“Active Galactic Nucleus Pairs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. III. Chandra X-ray Observations Unveil Obscured Double Nuclei” Hou, et al. (2019ApJ…882…41H )

02/21 Shahram Talei

“Internal structure of dark matter halos. Gadget versus CoSANG”

Ava Ghadimi

“Orion SrcI’s Disk Is Salty” Ginsburg et al. (2019ApJ…872…54G)

Nirmal Baral

“Galactic conformity in both star formation and morphological properties” Otter et al. (2020MNRAS.492.2722O)

02/28 Nirmal Baral

“Machine and Deep Learning Applied to Galaxy Morphology — A Comparative Study” Barchi et al. (arXiv:1901.07047)

Sam Boos

“Observational Signatures of Sub-Relativistic Meteors” Siraj & Loeb (arXiv:2002.01476)

Sreetama Goswami

“The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: A 3.95-8.00 GHz Search for Radio Technosignatures in the Restricted Earth Transit Zone” Sheikh et al. (arXiv:2002.06162)

03/06 Marko Micic

“Evidence for H2 Dissociation and Recombination Heat Transport in the Atmosphere of KELT-9b” Mansfield et al. (2020ApJ…888L..15M)

Praphull Kumar

“Asteroseismology of evolved stars to constrain the internal transport of angular momentum. III. Using the rotation rates of intermediate-mass stars to test the Fuller-formalism” den Hartog et al. (arXiv:2002.06566)

03/13 Ava Ghadimi

“Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source” CHIME/FRB collaboration (arXiv:2001.10275)

Jacob Morgan

03/20 (spring break, no meeting)
03/27 (no meeting due to covid-19)
04/03 Anna Parul

“Bursts of star formation in FIRE galaxies”

Sam Boos

“ASASSN-16oh: A nova outburst with no mass ejection — A new type of supersoft X-ray source in old populations” Kato, Saio, & Hachisu (2020ApJ…892…15K)

04/10 Praphull Kumar Wenhao Li

Nilotpal Mukherjee

04/17 Nilotpal Mukherjee Jacob Morgan

Rebecca Brnich

Anna Parul

04/24 Rebeca Batalha

Rebecca Brnich

Archive of previously presented articles.