Meeting Time and Format

The Astrophysics Seminar/Journal Club meets in 338 Gallalee Hall on:
1. Wednesdays from 2:00 – 3:00p.m. and
2. Fridays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Anyone in the department may attend.

On Wednesday’s we participate in the live broadcast of colloquium talks hosted by NASA/AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute. The schedule for the talks is available here.

The Friday meeting consists of two segments:

  • 20-minute talk (+10 minute discussion)
  • article summary and discussion (5-10 minutes)

Volunteering for Article Summaries

Please send your articles to Dean and Jimmy. If your article is too old to be interesting, replace it!

Please propose articles that are fairly recent (within a few months or so), are of interest to you, and you feel you can digest and summarize well. Check out the list of previously presented articles.

Where to Find Articles

Schedule for Spring 2019

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
1/11 Organizational Meeting
1/18 (no meeting due to CUWiP activities)
1/25 Shahram Talei

“Studies on particle tagging (painting) and semi-analytic models”

2/1 (no meeting due to high school physics contest)
2/8 Wenhao Li

“Shocked Post-starburst Galaxies Survey”

Spencer Caldwell

“ZTF 18aaqeasu (SN 2018byg): A Massive Helium-shell Double Detonation on a Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarf” De et al. (arXiv:1901.00874)

2/15 Colin Hancock

“Quantitative Analysis of 3-arm Spiral Galaxies”

Shahram Talei

“The Formation of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Cored Dark Matter Halos Through Tidal Stripping and Heating” Carleton et al. (arXiv:1805.06896)

Dean Townsley

“A class of partly burnt runaway stellar remnants from peculiar thermonuclear supernovae” Raddi et al. (arXiv:1902.05061)

2/22 Kavya Mukundan

“Determining Bar Fractions in the Local Universe”

Erwin 2018MNRAS.474.5372E (arXiv:1711.04867)

Lee, Ann, & Park arXiv:1901.05183


Amy Jones

Marvin – a MaNGA visualization tool

3/1 Spencer Caldwell

“He-accreting WD: Nucleosynthesis in the extreme binary system (1.02+0.30) Msun”

Piersanti et al. (arXiv:1901.00340)

3/8 Colin Hancock

“Gaia-2MASS 3D maps of Galactic interstellar dust within 3 kpc” Lallement et al (arXiv:1902.04116)

Jacob Morgan

“The Impact of Enhanced Halo Resolution on the Simulated Circumgalactic Medium” Hummels et al. (arXiv:1811.12410)

3/15 (no meeting, spring break)
3/22 Sreetama Goswami

“Investigation of two Fermi-LAT gamma-ray blazars coincident with high-energy neutrinos detected by IceCube”  Fermi-LAT collaboration (arXiv:1901.10806)

Samantha Pedek

“A search for transient optical counterparts to high-energy IceCube neutrinos with Pan-STARRS1” Kankare et al. (arXiv:1901.11080)


3/29 Jacob Morgan Kavya Mukundan, Samuel Boos
4/5 (no meeting, honors day)
4/12 Anna Parul, Samuel Boos
4/19 Marko Micic Wenhao Li, Anna Parul
4/26 Ava Ghadimi Sreetama Goswami, Marko Micic

Archive of previously presented articles.