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Topics for Fall 2023

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
8/25 Organize Schedule
9/1 Mason Footh

“CEERS Key Paper. I. An Early Look into the First 500 Myr of Galaxy Formation with JWST” Finkelstein at al. (2023ApJ…946L..13F)

Praphull Kumar

“The Q Branch Cooling Anomaly Can Be Explained by Mergers of White Dwarfs and Subgiant Stars” Shen et al. (arXiv:2308.04559)

Anna Parul

“Towards an astronomical foundation model for stars with a Transformer-based model” Leung & Bovy (arXiv:2308.10944)

9/8 Marko Micic

“Undergraduate research at UA: AGN in Extreme Dwarf Galaxies (Brenna Wells), Gravitationally Lensed Low-Luminosity AGN from the Early Universe (Olivia Holmes), and Spectral State Transitions of Extragalactic XRBs and IMBHs (Jackson Eames)”

Sricharan Balaji

“Protoplanetary disk formation in rotating, magnetized and turbulent molecular cloud” Kumssa & Sessema (2023JApA…44…70K)

9/15 Mustafa Muhibulla

“Supersoft X-ray Sources: Origins, Characteristics, and Their Potential as Classical Nova/Supernova Progenitor Candidates” Henze et al. 2014Stecchini et al. 2023Greiner et al. 2023

Jacob Morgan

“A Blackhole Feedback Valve in Massive Galaxies” Voit et al. (2020ApJ…899…70V)

9/22 Annelia Anderson

“Mapping circumgalactic medium observations to theory using machine learning” Appleby et al (2023MNRAS.525.1167A)

Nethra Rajavel

“AREPO White Dwarf merger simulations resulting in edge-lit detonation and run-away hypervelocity companion” Burmester et al. (arXiv:2305.05192)

9/29 Praphull Kumar

“Understanding r-modes in accreting white dwarfs” Saio (2019MNRAS.487.2177S), Saio et al. (2018MNRAS.474.2774S), Saio (arXiv:1812.01253)


Ava Ghadimi

“Observation of high-energy neutrinos from the Galactic plane” IceCube Collaboratioin (2023Sci…380.1338I)

Annelia Anderson

“A direct connection between the wake and the former host galaxy of a proposed runaway supermassive black hole” van Dokkum (arXiv:2305.00240)

10/6 Riley Sharpe

“Extragalactic Neutrino Factories”

based on: “Beginning a journey across the universe: the discovery of extragalactic neutrino factories” Buson et al (2022ApJ…933L..43B) and “Extragalactic neutrino factories” Buson et al (arXiv:2305.11263)

Nethra Rajavel

“Thermonuclear explosion criteria for direct and indirect collisions of CO white dwarfs: a study of the impact-parameter threshold for detonation” Glanz et al. (arXiv:2309.03300)

Mason Footh

“Signatures of Massive Black Hole Merger Host Galaxies from Cosmological Simulations I: Unique Galaxy Morphologies in Imaging” Bardati et al. (arXiv:2308.03828)

10/13 Ava Ghadimi

“Updates on search for high-energy neutrinos from magnetars” (original research)

Matthew Marsee

“Correlating high-energy IceCube neutrinos with 5BZCAT blazars and RFC sources” Bellenghi et al. (2023ApJ…955L..32B)

Marko Micic

“AT2023fhn (the Finch): a Luminous Fast Blue Optical Transient at a large offset from its host galaxy” Chrimes et al. (arXiv:2307.01771)

10/20 Matthew Marsee

“Search for Continuous and Transient Neutrino Emission Associated with IceCube’s Highest-Energy Tracks: An 11-Year Analysis” The IceCube collaboration (arXiv:2309.12130)

Anna Parul

“Detection of the Keplerian decline in the Milky Way rotation curve” Jiao et al. (arXiv:2309.00048)

10/27 Fall break – no meeting
11/3 Sricharan Balaji

“The dusty Rossby wave instability (DRWI): linear analysis and simulations of turbulent dust-trapping rings in protoplanetary discs” Liu & Bai (2023MNRAS.526…80L)

Peter Gwartney

“Quenching star formation with low-luminosity AGN winds” Almeida et al. (2023MNRAS.526..217A)

Luke Bloom

“Constraining High-energy Neutrino Emission from Supernovae with IceCube” IceCube Collaboration (2023ApJ…949L..12A)

11/10 Luke Bloom

“Discovery of Gamma Rays from the Quiescent Sun with HAWC” HAWC Collaboration (2023PhRvL.131e1201A)

Celly Jimenez

“Exploring AGN and star formation activity of massive galaxies at cosmic noon” Florez et al. (2020MNRAS.497.3273F)

Mustafa Muhibulla

“Evidence for heavy seed origin of early supermassive black holes from a z~10 X-ray quasar” Bogdan et al. (arXiv:2305.15458)

11/17 Sanchari Kundu

“Heavy element production in a compact object merger observed by JWST” Levan et al. (2023, Nature, doi:10.1038/s41586-023-06759-1)

Peter Gwartney

“The co-evolution of strong AGN and central galaxies in different environments” Sampaio et al. (2023MNRAS.524.5327S)

11/24 Thanksgiving break – no meeting
12/1 Sanchari Kundu

“Optical/γ-ray blazar flare correlations: understanding the high-energy emission process using ASAS-SN and Fermi light curves” de Jaeger et al. (2023MNRAS.519.6349D)

Jacob Morgan

“The impact of AGN-driven winds on physical and observable galaxy sizes” Cochrane et al. (2023MNRAS.523.2409C)

12/8 Celly Jimenez

“CEERS: Spatially Resolved UV and Mid-infrared Star Formation in Galaxies at 0.2 < z < 2.5: The Picture from the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes ” Shen at al. (2023ApJ…950….7S)

Riley Sharpe

“An extremely energetic cosmic ray observed by a surface detector array” Telescope Array Collaboration (2023Sci…382..903T)

Sam Boos

“The photospheres of the hottest fastest stars in the Galaxy” Werner et al. (arXiv:2311.13388)



Topics for Spring 2023

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
1/13 Sreetama Goswami

“The TeV Sun Rises: Discovery of Gamma rays from the Quiescent Sun with HAWC” HAWC Collaboration (arXiv:2212.00815)

Organizing schedule
1/20 Ava Ghadimi

“Probing magnetars as high-energy neutrino emitters with IceCube” (original research)

1/27 RileyAnne Sharpe

“A multi-messenger study of the blazar PKS 0735+178: a new major neutrino source candidate” Sahakyan et al. (2023MNRAS.519.1396S)

Anna Parul

“Distant Echoes of the Milky Way’s Last Major Merger” Chandra et al. (arXiv:2212.00806)

Praphull Kumar

“Evolution of AM CVn Binaries with White Dwarf Donors” Chen, Chen, & Han (2022ApJ…935….9C)

2/3 Sricharan Balaji

“Revisiting mass-radius relationships for exoplanet populations: a machine learning insight” Mousavi-Sadr et al. (arXiv:2301.07143)

Kavya Mukundan

“First Look at z > 1 Bars in the Rest-Frame Near-Infrared with JWST Early CEERS Imaging” Guo et al. (arXiv:2210.08658)

2/10 Peter Gwartney

“Statistical Study of the Star Formation Efficiency in Bars: Is Star Formation Suppressed in Gas-rich Bars?” Maeda et al. (2023ApJ…943….7M)

Ava Ghadimi

“Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Emission Discovered from the Composite Supernova Remnant B0453-685 in the Large Magellanic Cloud” Eagle et al. (arXiv:2302.01836)

Jeremy Quijano

“The impact of human expert visual inspection on the discovery of strong gravitational lenses” Rojas et al. (arXiv:2301.03670)

2/17 Luke Bloom

“Hint for a TeV neutrino emission from the Galactic Ridge with ANTARES” ANTARES collaboration (arXiv:2212.11876)

Jacob Morgan

“SDSS DR17: The Cosmic Slime Value Added Catalog” (arXiv:2301.02719)

Sam Boos

“SN 2021fxy: Mid-Ultraviolet Flux Suppression is a Common Feature of Type Ia Supernovae” DerKacy et al. (arXiv:2212.06195)

2/24 Nethra Rajavel

“One-dimensional Numerical Study on Ignition of the Helium Envelope in Dynamical Accretion during the Double-degenerate Merger” Iwata & Maeda (2022ApJ…941…87I)

Jeremy Quijano

“Strong lensing selection effects” Sonnenfeld et al. (arXiv:2301.13230)

RileyAnne Sharpe

“X-ray Polarization Observations of BL Lacertae” Middel et al. (2023ApJ…942L..10M)

3/3 Marko Micic

“Tidal Debris as a Probe of Galaxy Evolution”  sources: Xu & Wang (2023ApJ…943…28X), Jones et al. (2021ApJ…919…72J), Zemaltis et al. (2023MNRAS.518.2497Z), Montes et al. (2020ApJ…904..114M), Kado-Fang et al. (2020AJ….159..103K)

Mustafa Muhibullah

“The JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey: Discovery of an Extreme Galaxy Overdensity at z=5.4 with JWST/NIRCam in GOODS-S” Helton et al. (arXiv:2302.10217)

Mason Footh

“Photometric variability in star-forming galaxies as evidence for low-mass AGN and a precursor to quenching” Cleland & McGee (2022MNRAS.515.5905C)

3/10 Anna Parul

“Chemical bimodality in FIRE-2 galaxies” (original research)

Matthew Marsee

“Limits on Neutrino Emission from GRB 221009A from MeV to PeV using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory” The IceCube collaboration (arXiv:2302.05459)

3/17 Spring Break – no meeting
3/24 Praphull Kumar

“Phase separation in crystallizing ultramassive white dwarfs” Blouin & Daligault (2021ApJ…919…87B), Blouin et al. (2021ApJ…911L…5B), Blouin et al. (2020A&A…640L..11B)

Nethra Rajavel

“Type Ia supernovae in NS+He star systems and the isolated mildly recycled pulsars” Guo et al. (arXiv:2302.09925)

Luke Bloom

“Observation of Seasonal Variations of the Flux of High-Energy Atmospheric Neutrinos with IceCube” IceCube Collaboration (arXiv:2303.04682)

Shahram Talei

“The dark side of FIRE: predicting the population of dark matter subhaloes around Milky Way-mass galaxies” Barry et al. (arXiv:2303.05527)

3/31 Sam Boos

“Explosive Tidal Disruption Events in White Dwarfs” Gomez & Gezari (arXiv:2302.14070), MacLeod et al. (2016ApJ…819….3M), Tanikawa (2018ApJ…858…26T)

Sricharan Balaji

“Can the Kuiper Belt’s orbital distribution result from stability sculpting?” (original research)

4/7 Honors day – no meeting
4/14 Mason Footh

“UGC 4211: A Confirmed Dual Active Galactic Nucleus in the Local Universe at 230 pc Nuclear Separation” Koss et al. (2023ApJ…942L..24K)

Mustafa Muhibullah

“A close quasar pair in a disk-disk galaxy merger at z = 2.17” Chen et al. (arXiv:2209.11249)

Matthew Marsee

“A Search for IceCube sub-TeV Neutrinos Correlated with Gravitational-Wave Events Detected By LIGO/Virgo” IceCube Collaboration (arXiv:2303.15970)

Celly Jimenez

“Prospects for Extending the Core-collapse Supernova Detection Horizon Using High-energy Neutrinos” Valtonen-Mattila & O’Sullivan (2023ApJ…945…98V)

4/21 Kavya Mukundan

“Galaxy Zoo: kinematics of strongly and weakly barred galaxies” Geron et al. (2023MNRAS.521.1775G)

Annelia Anderson

“A Candidate Runaway Supermassive Black Hole Identified by Shocks and Star Formation in its Wake” van Dokkum et al. (2023ApJ…946L..50V)

4/28 Marko Micic

“Finding Peas in the Early Universe with JWST” Rhoads et al. (2023ApJ…942L..14R)

Annelia Anderson

“Super-massive black hole wake or bulgeless edge-on galaxy?” Almelda et al. (arXiv:2304.12344)

Peter Gwartney

“Galaxy interactions are the dominant trigger for local type 2 quasars” Pierce et al. (arXiv:2303.15506)

Wenhao Li

“Fading AGN in Post-Starburst Galaxies” French et al. (arXiv:2304.10419)

Jacob Morgan

“Dust attenuation law in JWST galaxies at z = 7-8” Markov et al. (arXiv:2304.11178)


Topics for Fall 2022

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
8/19 Organizational Meeting Bill Keel
8/26 Marko Micic

“Black-hole-triggered star formation in the dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10”, Schutte & Reines (2022Natur.601..329S)


Hanna Parul

“The Identification of a Dusty Grand Design Spiral Galaxy at z=3.06 with JWST and ALMA” Wu et al. (arXiv:2208.08473)

Dean Townsley  – AY597 summary

9/02 Hanna Parul

“Binary parameters from astrometric and spectroscopic errors–candidate hierarchical triples and massive dark companions in Gaia DR3”, Andrew et al. (arXiv:2206.04392)

Kavya Mukundan

“Revisiting the role of bars in AGN fuelling with propensity score sample matching”, Silva-Lima et al. (arXiv:2203.07794)

9/09 Sam Boos

“UV Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae”

Foley et al. (2016MNRAS.461.1308F), Graham et al. (2015MNRAS.446.2073G), Foley et al. (2020MNRAS.491.5991F)

Jacob Morgan

“The physics of gas phase metallicity gradients in galaxies” Sharda et al. (arXiv:2102.01234)

9/16 Praphull Kumar

“White Dwarf Cooling Delays”

Garcia-Berro et al. (2010Natur.465..194G), Tremblay et al. (2019Natur.565..202T), Cheng et al. (2019ApJ…886..100C), Bauer et al. (2020ApJ…902…93B), Blouin et al. (2020A&A…640L..11B)

Nethra Rajavel

“Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarfs are the progenitors of a small fraction of Type Ia supernovae according to nucleosythesis constraints” Bravo et al. (arXiv:2209.04020)

Wenhao Li

“On the HI Content of MaNGA Major Merger Pairs” Yu et al. (arXiv:2206.06330)

9/23 Mason Footh

“Potential Black Hole Seeding of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 4424 via an Infalling Star Cluster” Graham et al. (2021, ApJ, 923, 146)


Annelia Anderson

“The Cosmic Ultraviolet Baryon Survey (CUBS) V: On the thermodynamic properties of the cool Circumgalactic Medium at z ≲ 1” Qu et al. (arXiv:2209.01228)


9/30 Shahram Talei

“Mass profile of Milky Way mass galaxies with spherical Jeans modeling” (original work)


RileyAnne Sharpe

“NuSTAR observations of a heavily X-ray obscured AGN in the dwarf galaxy J144013+024744” Ansh et al. (arXiv:2209.09913)


10/07 Mustafa Muhibullah

“The Evolution of AGN Activity in Brightest Cluster Galaxies” Somboonpanyakul et al. (2022, AJ, 163, 146)


Jeremy Quijano

“Unscrambling the lensed galaxies in JWST images behind SMACS0723” Pascale et al. (arXiv:2207.07102)

Sam Boos

“Double detonations: variations in Type Ia supernovae due to different core and He shell masses — II: synthetic observables” Collins et al. (arXiv:2209.04305)

10/14 Wenhao Li

“The merger fraction of post-starburst galaxies in UNIONS” Wilkinson et al. (arXiv:2207.04152)

Matthew Marsee

“Search for Spatial Correlations of Neutrinos with Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays” ANTARES collaboration (arXiv:2201.07313)

10/21 Ava Ghadimi

“Systematic Study of Magnetar Outbursts” Zelati et al. (2018, MNRAS, 474, 961)

RileyAnne Sharpe

“Persistence of blazar state in flat-spectrum radio quasars” Chand and Gopal-Krishna (arXiv:2206.11938)

Weidong Jin

“Neutrino Cadence of TXS~0506+056 Consistent with Supermassive Binary Origin” Tjus et al. (arXiv:2210.00202)

10/28 Kavya Mukundan

“The JWST Hubble Sequence: The Rest-Frame Optical Evolution of Galaxy Structure at 1.5<z<8″ Ferreira et al. (arXiv:2210.01110)

Marko Micic

“Intermediate-mass black holes and the fundamental plane of black hole accretion” Gultekin et al. (arXiv:2209.09890)

Praphull Kumar

“Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Time-Dependent Convection, Energy Conservation, Automatic Differentiation, and Infrastructure” Jermyn et al. (arXiv:2208.03651)

11/04 Jacob Morgan

“Observations of a Magellanic Corona” Krishnarao et al. (arXiv:2209.15017)


Mustafa Muhibullah

“Enhanced Star Formation Activity of Extreme Jellyfish Galaxies in Massive Clusters and the Role of Ram Pressure Stripping” Lee et al. (arXiv:2205.05258)

Mason Footh

“GOALS-JWST: Hidden Star Formation and Extended PAH Emission in the Luminous Infrared Galaxy VV 114” Evans et al. (arXiv:2208.14507)

11/11 Annelia Anderson

“Figuring Out Gas & Galaxies In Enzo (FOGGIE) VI: The Circumgalactic Medium of L∗ Galaxies is Supported in an Emergent, Non-Hydrostatic Equilibrium” Lochhaas et al. 2022. (arXiv:2206.09925)


Shahram Talei

“On the Edge: the relation between stellar and dark matter haloes of Milky Way-mass galaxies” Genina, Deason, & Frenk (arXiv:2208.02266)

Matthew Marsee

“Evidence for neutrino emission from the nearby active galaxy NGC 1068” Ice Cube Collaboration (2022, Science, 378, 538)



Ava Ghadimi

“Hybrid Pulsar-Magnetar Model for FRB 20191221A” Benlamini & Kumar (arXiv:2211.07669)

Sreetama Goswami

“Hidden Hearts of Neutrino Active Galaxies” Murase (arXiv:2211.04460)

11/25  Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break
12/02 Nethra Rajavel

“Ignition of the Helium Shell in a Double-Detonation Model” (original research)

Jeremy Quijano

“Detecting gravitational lenses using machine learning: exploring interpretability and sensitivity to rare lensing configurations” Wilde et al. (2022MNRAS.512.3464W)





Topics for Spring 2022

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
1/14 Organizational
1/21 Weidong Jin

“High Energy Neutrinos from the Cosmos” Halzen (arXiv:2110.01687)

Anna Parul

“S5: The Orbital and Chemical Properties of One Dozen Stellar Streams” Li et al. (arXiv:2110.06950)

Praphull Kumar

“The impact of metallicity on nova populations” Kemp et al. (2022MNRAS.509.1175K)

1/28 Kavya Mukundan

“The evolution of barred galaxies in the EAGLE simulations” Cavanagh et al (arXiv:2112.12935)

Shahram Talei

“How cosmological merger histories shape the diversity of stellar haloes” Rey & Starkenburg (2022MNRAS.510.4208R)

RileyAnne Sharpe

“Star formation near the Sun is driven by expansion of the Local Bubble” Zucker et al. (arXiv:2201.05124)

2/4 Jacob Morgan

“An exomoon survey of 70 cool giant exoplanets and the new candidate Kepler-1708 b-i” Kipping et al. (arXiv:2201.04643)

Ava Ghadimi

“Magnetar XTE J1810-197: Spectro-temporal evolution of average radio emission” Maan et al. (arXiv:2201.13006)

Kavya Mukundan

“Simulated Bars May Be Shorter But Are Not Slower Than Observed: TNG50 vs. MaNGA” Frankel et al. (arXiv:2201.08406)

2/11 Sreetama Goswami

“TeV and keV-MeV Excesses as Probes for Hadronic Process in BL Lacertaes” Cheng et al. (arXiv:2201.08148)

Praphull Kumar

“White-dwarf asteroseismology with the Kepler space telescope” Corsico (arXiv:2006.04955)

2/18 Nilotpal Mukherjee

“Simulating Turbulence-aided Neutrino-driven Core-collapse Supernova Explosions in One Dimension” Couch, Warren, O’Connor (2020ApJ…890..127C)

Annelia Anderson

“An Isolated Stellar-Mass Black Hole Detected Through Astrometric Microlensing” Sahu et al. (arXiv:2201.13296)

Sreetama Goswami

“Looking out for a sustainable space” Blake (arXiv:2202.06994)

2/25 Wenhao Li

“A hard X-ray view of Luminous and Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies in GOALS: I – AGN obscuration along the merger sequence” Ricci et al. (arXiv:2107.10864)

Jeremy Quijano

“Impact of the SpaceX Starlink Satellites on the Zwicky Transient Facility Survey Observations” Mroz et al. (2022 ApJ 924 L30)

Nethra Rajavel

“Masses of White Dwarf Binary Companions to Type Ia Supernovae Measured from Runaway Velocities” Bauer et al. (2021ApJ…923L..34B)

Sam Boos

“A Linear Relation Between the Color Stretch and the Rising Color Slope of Type Ia Supernovae” Chen et al. (arXiv:2112.13364)

3/4 Ava Ghadimi

“A repeating fast radio burst source in a globular cluster” Kirsten et al. (2022Natur.602..585K)

RileyAnne Sharpe

“High-energy neutrinos from X-rays flares of blazars frequently observed by the Swift X-Ray Telescope” Stathopoulos et al. (arXiv:2111.09320)

3/11 Anna Parul

“Recovering the bursty character of star formation in the Milky Way and other galaxies from alpha-elements abundance patterns”

Nethra Rajavel

“Formation of ultra-massive carbon-oxygen white dwarfs from the merger of carbon-oxygen and helium white dwarf pairs” Wu, Xiong, Wang (arXiv:2202.02040)

3/18 spring break
3/25 Mustafa Muhibullah

“The discovery of a radio galaxy of at least 5 Mpc” Oei et al. (arXiv:2202.05427)

Jacob Morgan

“Modeling the kinematics of globular cluster systems” Chen & Gnedin (arXiv:2203.00599)

Nilotpal Mukherjee

“Triangulating black hole forming stellar collapses through neutrinos” Sarfati et al. (2022PhRvD.105b3011S)

Mason Footh

“The First Direct Dynamical Detection of a Dual Supermassive Black Hole System at Sub-kiloparsec Separation” Voggel et al. (2022A&A…658A.152V)

4/1 Annelia Anderson

“Testing galaxy feedback models with the first resolved profiles of the circumgalactic medium” Chadayammuri et al. (arXiv:2203.01356)

Mason Footh

“Searching for Dual Galactic Nuclei”

4/8 honors day
4/15 Marko Micic

“The first dual AGN in a late-stage dwarf-dwarf merger”

Sam Boos

“On the fate of the secondary white dwarf in double-degenerate double-detonation Type Ia supernovae” Pakmor et al. (arXiv:2203.14990).

4/22 Jeremy Quijano

“Mining for strong gravitational lenses with self-supervised learning” Stein et al. (arXiv:2110.00023)

Mustafa Muhibullah

“Investigating Deep Learning Methods for Obtaining Photometric Redshift Estimations from Images” Henghes et al. (arXiv:2109.02503)

Marko Micic

“A Nascent Tidal Dwarf Galaxy Forming within the Northern HI Streamer of M82” Pasha et al. (arXiv:2112.07052)

4/29 Shahram Talei

“Fitting Jeans with CoSANG”

Wenhao Li

“Post-starburst galaxies in the centers of intermediate redshift clusters” Werle et al. (arXiv:2203.08862)

Weidong Jin

“Tick-Tock: The Imminent Merger of a Supermassive Black Hole Binary” Jiang et al. (arXiv:2201.11633)


Topics for Fall 2021

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
8/20 Organizational
8/27 Anna Parul

“The dynamical origins of the Pisces-Eridanus stream”

Sreetama Goswami

“Light bending and X-ray echoes from behind a supermassive black hole” Wilkins et al. (arXiv:2107.13555)

Praphull Kumar

“Solar inertial modes: Observations, identification, and diagnostic promise” Gizon et al. (2021 A&A, 652, L6)

9/3 Shahram Talei

“Trinity I: Self-Consistently Modeling the Dark Matter Halo-Galaxy-Supermassive Black Hole Connection from z=0-10” Zhang et al. (arXiv:2105.10474)

Ava Ghadimi

“Search for Very High-Energy Emission from the millisecond pulsar PSR J0218+4232” Acclari et al. (arXiv:2108.11373)

RileyAnne Sharpe

“Diffuse Synchrotron Emission Associated with the Starburst in the Circumnuclear Disk of NGC 1275” Nagal & Kawakatu (arXiv:2105.11073)

9/10 Marko Micic

“Multiwavelength search for intermediate-mass black holes. A new sample of (wandering) candidates”  (own work)

Wei-dong Jin

“Locating the gamma-ray emission region in the brightest Fermi-LAT Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars” Acharyya et al. (arXiv:2011.01073)

Anna Parul

“The (im)possibility of strong chemical tagging” Casamiquela et al. (arXiv:2108.13431)

9/17 Ava Ghadimi

“The diffuse gamma-ray background is dominated by star-forming galaxies” Roth et al. (2021 Nature, 597, 341)

Sreetama Goswami

“Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays and high energy astrophysical neutrinos” Muzlo et al. (arXiv:2108.05512)

9/24 Nilotpal Mukherjee

“Resolution Dependence of White Dwarf Detonations Using Flash” (own work)

Jacob Morgan

“The optical morphologies of galaxies in the IllustrisTNG simulation: a comparison to Pan-STARRS observations” Rodriguez-Gomez et al. (arXiv:1809.08239)

10/1 Wenhao Li

“SDSS-IV MaNGA: identification of active galactic nuclei in optical integral field unit surveys” Wylezalek et al. (2018MNRAS.474.1499W)


Sam Boos

“Multi-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Calculations of Double Detonations of Sub-Chandrasekhar-Mass White Dwarfs” Shen et al. (arXiv:2108.12435)

Jeremy Quijano

“A New Challenge for Dark Matter Models” Safarzadeh & Loeb (arXiv:2107.03478)

Marko Micic

“A transient radio source consistent with a merger-triggered core collapse supernova” Dong et al (Science 2021, 373, 1125)

10/8 Annelia Anderson

“Using cosmological simulations and synthetic absorption spectra to assess the accuracy of observationally derived CGM metallicities” Marra et al. (arXiv:2108.03254)

Kavya Mukundan

“Kiloparsec-scale AGN Outflows and Feedback in Merger-Free Galaxies” Smethurst et al. (arXiv:2108.05361)

Shahram Talei

“The abundance of satellites around Milky Way- and M31-like galaxies with the TNG50 simulation: a matter of diversity” Engler et al. (2021MNRAS.507.4211E)

10/15 Sam Boos

“Bridging the Gap Between Observation and Theory of Type Ia Supernovae”

10/22 Nethra Rajavel

“Prelude to A Double Degenerate Merger: The Onset of Mass Transfer and Its Impact on Gravitational Waves and Surface Detonations” Dan et al (2011ApJ…737…89D)

Kavya Mukundan

“Galaxy zoo: stronger bars facilitate quenching in star-forming galaxies” Géron et al. (2021MNRAS.507.4389G)

10/29 Fall break
11/5 Wei-dong Jin (postponed) Nethra Rajavel

“Stable nickel production in Type Ia supernovae: A smoking gun for the progenitor mass?” Blondin et al. (arXiv:2109.13840)

Annelia Anderson

“Mock HUBS observations of hot gas with IllustrisTNG” Zhang et al. (arXiv:2108.07431)

Wenhao Li

“An IFU View of the Active Galactic Nuclei in MaNGA Galaxy Pairs” Jin et al. (arXiv:2109.11084)

11/12 Jeremy Quijano

“Finding Strong Gravitational Lenses Through Self-Attention” Thuruthipilly et al. (arXiv:2110.09202)

Mason Footh

“The Detectability of Kiloparsec Scale Dual AGNs: The Impact of Galactic Structure and Black Hole Orbital Properties” Li, Ballantyne, Bogdanovic (2021ApJ…916..110L)

11/19 Praphull Kumar

“Seismology of Accreting White Dwarfs”

Nilotpal Mukherjee

“The Collapse and Three-Dimensional Explosion of Three-Dimensional, vis à vis One-Dimensional, Massive-star Supernova Progenitor Models” Vartanyan et al. (arXiv:2109.10920)

Mason Footh

“Dust-enshrouded AGNs Can Dominate Host-galaxy-scale Cold Dust Emission” McKinney et al (2021ApJ…921…55M)

11/26 Thanksgiving
12/3 RileyAnne Sharpe

“Soft gamma rays from low accreting supermassive black holes and connection to energetic neutrinos” Kimura et al. (arXiv:2005.01934)

Jacob Morgan

“The Low Redshift Circumgalactic Medium in Simba” Appleby et al. (arXiv:2102.10126)


Topics for Spring 2021

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
1/15 Organizational
1/22 Marko Micic

“Population of Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies” (original research)

Kavya Mukundan

“The Relative Role of Bars and Environments in AGN Triggering” Kim & Choi (arXiv:2008.13100)

Praphull Kumar

“Full compressible 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulation of solar wind” Matsumoto (arXiv:2009.03770)

1/29 Sreetama Goswami

“Common envelope jets supernovae with a black hole companion as possible high energy neutrino sources” Grichener, Soker (arXiv:2101.05118)

Ava Ghadimi

“A bright millisecond-duration radio burst from a Galactic Magnetar” CHIME/FRB collaboration (2020 Nature 587, 54)

Anna Parul

“Using heritability of stellar chemistry to reveal the history of the Milky Way” Jackson et al. (arXiv:2011.06453)

2/5 Sam Boos:

“Exploring the diversity of double detonation explosions for type Ia supernovae: Effects of the post-explosion helium shell composition” Magee et al. (arXiv:2101.09792)

Sreetama Goswami: “The Imprint of Large Scale Structure on the Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray Sky” Ding et al. (arXiv:2101.04564)

Annelia Anderson: “The NANOGrav 12.5 yr Data Set: Search for an Isotropic Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background” Arzoumanian et al. (2020ApJ…905L..34A)

Nilotpal Mukherjee: “The impact of asymmetric neutrino emissions on nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernovae II — progenitor dependences” Fujimoto & Nagakuraa (arXiv:2101.09618)

2/12 Ava Ghadimi: “Precessing magnetars as central engines in short gamma-ray bursts” Suvorov & Kokkotas (arXiv:2101.06908)

Anna Parul: “How to tell when your galaxy had bursty star formation” (original research)

2/19 Wei-dong Jin: “Searching for very-high-energy gamma-ray emission associated with IceCube astrophysical neutrinos” (original research)

Kavya Mukundan: “SDSS-IV MaNGA: Spatially resolved star formation in barred galaxies” Fraser-McKelvie et al. (arXiv:2005.08987)

2/26 Wenhao Li: “X-ray detected AGN in SDSS dwarf galaxies” Birchall et al. (2020 MNRAS, 492, 2268) Rebecca Brnich: “Experimental Evidence of Neutrinos Produced in the CNO Fusion Cycle in the Sun” Borexino Collaboration (2020 Nature 587, 577)

Marko Micic: “Chandra Observations of Abell 2261 Brightest Cluster Galaxy, a Candidate Host to a Recoiling Black Hole” Gultekin et al. (arXiv:2010.13980)

Shahram Talei: “Measuring the Sun’s velocity using Gaia EDR3 observations of Stellar Streams” Malhan et al. (arXiv:2012.05271)

3/05 Nilotpal Mukherjee: “Stellar Mass Black Hole Formation and Multi-messenger Signals from Three Dimensional Rotating Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations” Pan et al. (arXiv:2010.02453)

Rebecca Brnich: “GRB 191016A: A Long Gamma-Ray Burst Detected by TESS” Smith et al. (arXiv:2102.11295)

3/12 Shahram Talei: “Reconstructing the Last Major Merger of the Milky Way with the H3 Survey” Naidu et al. (arXiv:2103.03251) Nirmal Baral

Wenhao Li: “SDSS-IV MaNGA: Blueberry Candidates Associated with LSB Galaxies Merger or Tidal Dwarf Systems?”  Paswan et al. (arXiv:2102.08240)

Mason Footh: “The Diagnostic Potential of JWST in Characterizing Elusive AGNs” Satyapal et al. (arXiv:2009.05362)

3/19 Jacob Morgan: “Gaseous Galaxy Halos” Putman et al. (2012ARA&A..50..491P)

Annelia Anderson: “An Algorithm for Reconstructing the Orphan Stream Progenitor with MilkyWay@home Volunteer Computing” Shelton et al. (arXiv:2102.07257)

3/26 Nirmal Baral: “Galaxy Zoo DECaLS: Detailed Visual Morphology Measurements from Volunteers and Deep Learning for 314,000 Galaxies” Walmsley et al. (arXiv:2102.08414)

Praphull Kumar: “Tidally excited oscillations in hot white dwarfs” Yu et al. (arXiv:2010.15279)

4/02 RileyAnne Sharpe Sam Boos, Jeremy Quijano,Nethra Rajavel
4/09 Honor’s Day Honor’s Day
4/16 Jeremy Quijano, Nethra Rajavel
4/23 Mason Footh Jacob Morgan, RileyAnne Sharpe, Wei-dong Jin


Topics for Fall 2020

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
8/28 Greeting new grads
9/04 Preethi Nair

“Characterizing AGN triggering mechanisms using detailed galaxy morphologies”

Shahram Talei

“The SAGA Survey. II. Building a Statistical Sample of Satellite Systems around Milky Way-like Galaxies” Mao et al. (arXiv:2008.12783)

9/11 Ava Ghadimi

“Search for high-energy neutrinos from Galactic magnetars”

9/18 Sreetama Goswami

“Phosphine Gas in the Cloud Decks of Venus” Greaves et al. (arXiv:2009.06593)

Sam Boos

“A Giant Planet Candidate Transiting a White Dwarf” Vanderburg et al. (arXiv: 2009.07282)

9/25 Sreetama Goswami

“Correlation between optical and γ-ray flux variations in bright flat spectrum radio quasars” Rajput, Stalin, Sahayanathan (arXiv:2009.02055)

10/02 Bill Keel

“(Galaxy) Zoo Gems”

10/09 Sam Boos

“2D Simulations of Double Detonation Type Ia Supernovae”

Jacob Morgan

“Resolving small-scale cold circumgalactic gas in TNG50” Nelson et al. (arXiv:2005.09654)

10/16 Wenhao Li

“The LoTSS view of radio AGN in the local Universe — The most massive galaxies are always switched on” Sabater et al. (arXiv:1811.05528)

Anna Parul

“Quantifying the impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud on the structure of the Milky Way’s dark matter halo using Basis Function Expansions” Garavito-Camargo et al. (arXiv:2010.00816)

10/23 Marko Micic

“M51-ULS-1b: The First Candidate for a Planet in an External Galaxy” Di Stefano et al. (arXiv:2009.08987)

Wei-Dong Jin

“Patterns in the multi-wavelength behavior of candidate neutrino blazars” Franckowiak et al. (arXiv:2001.10232)

Ava Ghadimi

“Neutrino Counterparts of Fast Radio Bursts” Metzger, Fang, Margalit (arXiv:2008.12318)

10/30 Praphull Kumar

“First evidence of inertial modes in γ Doradus stars: The core rotation revealed” Ouazzani et al. (2020A&A…640A..49O)

Wenhao Li

“Investigating the Effect of Galaxy Interactions on AGN Enhancement at 0.5<z<3.0″ Shah et al. (arXiv:2010.02710)

Anna Parul

“No phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus” Villanueva et al. (arXiv:2010.14305)

11/06 Wei-Dong Jin

“Gamma Ray Astronomy and Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS)”

Nirmal Baral

“Effect of the environment on star formation activity and stellar mass for star-forming galaxies in the COSMOS field” Randriamampandry, Vaccari, Hess (arXiv:2008.13131)

Praphull Kumar

“Hydrodynamic Simulations of Classical Novae; CO and ONe White Dwarfs are Supernova Ia Progenitors” Starrfield et al. (arXiv:2006.01827)

11/13 Nilotpal Mukherjee

“Gravitational Waves from Neutrino Asymmetries in Core-Collapse Supernovae” Vartanyan & Burrows (arXiv:2007.07261)

Rebecca Brnich

“Gamma Ray Bursts: Not so Much Deadlier than We Thought” Thomas, Atri, Melott (arXiv:2009.14078)

Jacob Morgan

“Ejective and preventative: the IllustrisTNG black hole feedback and its effects on the thermodynamics of the gas within and around galaxies” Zinger et al. (arXiv:2004.06132)

11/20 Rebecca Brnich

“Cosmic-ray propagation around the Sun: investigating the influence of the solar magnetic field on the cosmic-ray Sun shadow” Becker Tjus et al. (2020A&A…633A..83B)

Shahram Talei

“Evidence from the H3 Survey That the Stellar Halo Is Entirely Comprised of Substructure” Naidu et al (2020ApJ…901…48N)

11/27 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
12/04 Nirmal Baral

“Accurate Identification of Galaxy Mergers with Imaging” Nevin et al. (2019ApJ…872…76N)

Nilotpal Mukherjee

“Gravitational-wave Constraints on the Equatorial Ellipticity of Millisecond Pulsars” Abbott et al. (2020ApJ…902L..21A)

Marko Micic

“Evidence of runaway gas cooling in the absence of supermassive black hole feedback at the epoch of cluster formation” Hlavacek-Larrondo et al (arXiv:2007.15660)

Topics for Summer 2020

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
5/15 Jeremy Bailin:

arXiv:2005.03025, Shao et al. “The twisted dark matter halo of the Milky Way”

Preethi Nair: various

5/22 Dawn Williams:

arXiv:2005.05340, Stein et al. “A high-energy neutrino coincident with a tidal disruption event”

Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2005.03196, Tan et al. “New measurement of the 12C+12C fusion reaction at astrophysical energies”

arXiv:2005.08983, Boubert & Everall “Completeness of the Gaia-verse II: what are the odds that a star is missing from Gaia DR2?”


5/29 Jeremy Bailin leading:

arXiv:2005.13161, Macquart et al. “A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts”

Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2005.05972, Miller et al. “The Spectacular Ultraviolet Flash From the Type Ia Supernova 2019yvq”

6/19 Dawn Williams:

arXiv:2006.04918, Lipunov et al. “Optical Observations Reveal Strong Evidence for High Energy Neutrino Progenitor”

Anna Parul:

arXiv:1909.07346, Alexander, Gleyzer, McDonough, Toomey, Usal “Deep Learning the Morphology of Dark Matter Substructure”

6/26 Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2006.07381, Gaensicke et al. “SDSS J124043.01+671034.68: The partially burned remnant of a low-mass white dwarf that underwent thermonuclear ignition?”

Jacob Morgan mentioned:

arXiv:2006.12611, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, “GW190814: Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 23 M Black Hole with a 2.6 M Compact Object”

Bill Keel (offline):

arXiv:2006.12566, Cooke at al. “Astronomy Paper Seminar Participation Guide & Reading Walkthrough”

7/3 Marcos Santander mentioned the use of hubs by Mozilla for poster presentations (and generally avatar-based conferencing). He also pointed to a presentation on the “First detection of solar neutrinos from the CNO cycle with Borexino” given by Gioacchino Ranucci at the Neutrino 2020 conference.

Praphull Kumar mentioned a paper on “Neutrino Oscillations in Dark Matter” arXiv:1909.10478

7/10 Dean Townsley:

arXiv:2007.04163, Marigo et al. “Carbon star formation as seen through the non-monotonic initial-final mass relation”

Jeremy Bailin:

arXiv:2007.04703, Brainerd and Samuels “Lopsided Satellite Distributions around Isolated Host Galaxies”

7/17 Preethi Nair:

2020ApJ…896..113L, Li, Bogdanovic, Ballantyne “Pairing of Massive Black Holes in Merger Galaxies Driven by Dynamical Friction”

7/24 Jacob Morgan:

arXiv:2006.16316, Fielding et al. “First results from SMAUG: Uncovering the Origin of the Multiphase Circumgalactic Medium with a Comparative Analysis of Idealized and Cosmological Simulations”

Marcos Santander mentioned:

arXiv:2007.10295, Abeysekara et al. “Demonstration of stellar intensity interferometry with the four VERITAS telescopes”

Schedule for Spring 2020

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
01/24 Kavya Mukundan

“The growth of bulges and discs in relatively HI-rich galaxies: indication from HI scaling relations”


Shahram Talei

“The effects of subgrid models on the properties of giant molecular clouds in galaxy formation simulations”

01/31 (physics contest – no meeting)
02/07 Sreetama Goswami

“Searches for neutrinos from cosmic-ray interactions in the Sun using seven years of IceCube data” IceCube Collaboration (arXiv:1912.13135)

Kavya Mukundan

Revealing the cosmic evolution of boxy/peanut-shaped bulges from HST COSMOS and SDSS” Kruk, Erwin, Debattista, Lintott (2019MNRAS.490.4721K)

02/14 Marco Micic

“A New Sample of (Wandering) Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies from High-resolution Radio Observations” Reines et al. (2020ApJ…888…36R)

Wenhao Li

“Active Galactic Nucleus Pairs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. III. Chandra X-ray Observations Unveil Obscured Double Nuclei” Hou, et al. (2019ApJ…882…41H )

02/21 Shahram Talei

“Internal structure of dark matter halos. Gadget versus CoSANG”

Ava Ghadimi

“Orion SrcI’s Disk Is Salty” Ginsburg et al. (2019ApJ…872…54G)

Nirmal Baral

“Galactic conformity in both star formation and morphological properties” Otter et al. (2020MNRAS.492.2722O)

02/28 Nirmal Baral

“Machine and Deep Learning Applied to Galaxy Morphology — A Comparative Study” Barchi et al. (arXiv:1901.07047)

Sam Boos

“Observational Signatures of Sub-Relativistic Meteors” Siraj & Loeb (arXiv:2002.01476)

Sreetama Goswami

“The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: A 3.95-8.00 GHz Search for Radio Technosignatures in the Restricted Earth Transit Zone” Sheikh et al. (arXiv:2002.06162)

03/06 Marko Micic

“Evidence for H2 Dissociation and Recombination Heat Transport in the Atmosphere of KELT-9b” Mansfield et al. (2020ApJ…888L..15M)

Praphull Kumar

“Asteroseismology of evolved stars to constrain the internal transport of angular momentum. III. Using the rotation rates of intermediate-mass stars to test the Fuller-formalism” den Hartog et al. (arXiv:2002.06566)

03/13 Ava Ghadimi

“Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source” CHIME/FRB collaboration (arXiv:2001.10275)

Jacob Morgan

03/20 (spring break, no meeting)
03/27 (no meeting due to covid-19)
04/03 Anna Parul

“Bursts of star formation in FIRE galaxies”

Sam Boos

“ASASSN-16oh: A nova outburst with no mass ejection — A new type of supersoft X-ray source in old populations” Kato, Saio, & Hachisu (2020ApJ…892…15K)

04/10 Praphull Kumar

“Slowing the spins of stellar cores” Fuller, Piro, & Jermyn (2019MNRAS.485.3661F)

Wenhao Li

“Mergers Do Trigger AGNs out to z 0.6″ Gao et al. (arXiv:2004.00680)

Nilotpal Mukherjee

“The formation of single neutron-stars from double white-dwarf mergers via accretion-induced collapse” Liu & Wang (arXiv:2004.03157)

04/17 Nilotpal Mukherjee

“Numerical Stability of Detonations in White Dwarf Simulations” Katz & Zingale (2019ApJ…874..169K)

Jacob Morgan

“EAGLE and Illustris-TNG predictions for resolved eROSITA X-ray observations of the circumgalactic medium around normal galaxies” Oppenheimer et al. (arXiv:2003.13889)

Rebecca Brnich

“Fermi and Swift Observations of GRB 190114C: Tracing the Evolution of High-Energy Emission from Prompt to Afterglow” Ajello et al. (arXiv:1909.10605)

Anna Parul

“Strong chemical tagging with APOGEE: 21 candidate star clusters that have dissolved across the Milky Way disc” Price-Jones Jo Bovy (arXiv:2004.04263)

04/24 Rebeca Batalha

“Discovery of a giant radio fossil in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster” Giacintucci et al. (arXiv:2002.01291, 2020ApJ…891….1G)

Rebecca Brnich

“Properties of Short GRB Pulses in the Fourth BATSE Catalog: Implications for Structure and Evolution of the Jetted Outflows” Li at al. (arXiv:2003.12389 2020ApJ…892..113L)

Schedule for Fall 2019

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
08/23 Organizational Meeting
09/06 Sreetama Goswami

“Search for PeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Southern Hemisphere with 5 Years of Data from the IceCube Observatory”  Aartsen et al. (arXiv:1908.09918)

09/13 Gallalee Hall rooftop telescope training (Keel)
09/20 Wenhao Li
“AGN Properties of Post Mergers in SDSS”
09/27 Shahram Talei
“From dark matter to stellar halo with CoSANG”
Shahram Talei
“Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation” Vogelsberger et al. (arXiv:1909.07976)
Kavya Mukundan
“What Determines the Sizes of Bars in Spiral Galaxies?” Erwin (arXiv:1908.08423)
10/04 Kavya Mukundan
“Understanding Barred galaxies in the local universe”
Dean Townsley
“The Progenitors of Calcium-Strong Transients” Shen et al. (arXiv:1908.08056)
10/11 Rebeca Batalha
“Unveiling the Origin of Fossil Groups”
10/18 Jacob Morgan
“The Fates of the Circumgalactic Medium in the FIRE Simulations” Hafen et al. (arXiv:1910.01123)
Jeremy Bailin
“Dark matter halo shapes in the Auriga simulations” Prada et al. (arXiv:1910.04045)
10/25 Anna Parul
“On the origin of the chemical bimodality of disk stars: A tale of merger and migration” (
Jacob Morgan
“A New Class of Changing-look LiNERS” Frederick et al. (2019ApJ…883…31F)
Wenhao Li
“Two New “Turn-off” Changing-look Active Galactic nuclei and Implication on “Partially Obscured” AGNs” Wang et al. (arXiv:1910.02392)
11/01 (no meeting, mid-semester study break)
11/08 Ava Ghadimi
“A New Population of Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources Detected by HAWC” (arXiv:1909.08609)
Sreetama Goswami
“The Size, Shape, and Scattering of Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz: First VLBI with ALMA” (arXiv:1901.06226)
11/15 Nirmal Baral
“Comparing non-parametrical morphological classification of galaxies”
Ava Ghadimi
“Bright γ-ray flares observed in GRB131108A” Ajello et al. (arXiv:1911.04642)
Samuel Boos
“Nuclear Ignition of White Dwarf Stars by Relativistic Encounters with Rotating Intermediate Mass Black Holes” Anninos et al. (arXiv:1910.01054)
11/22 Samuel Boos
“A nearby recent supernova that ejected the runaway star ζ Oph, the pulsar PSR B1706-16, and Fe-60 found on Earth” Neuhaeuser et al. (arXiv:1909.06850)
Anna Parul
“Swirls of FIRE: Spatially Resolved Gas Velocity Dispersions and Star Formation Rates in FIRE-2 Disk Environments” Orr et al. (arXiv:1911.00020)
Marko Micic
“A Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distance to the Dark Matter Deficient Galaxy NGC 1052-DF4 from Deep Hubble Space Telescope Data” Danieli et al. (arXiv:1910.07529)
11/29 (no meeting, Thanksgiving break) (no meeting, Thanksgiving break)
12/06 Marko Micic
“SILVERRUSH. VIII. Spectroscopic Identifications of Early Large Scale Structures with Protoclusters Over 200 Mpc at z~6-7: Strong Associations of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies” Harikane et al (2019ApJ…883..142H)
Nirmal Baral
“Multiband Galaxy Morphologies for CLASH: A Convolutional Neural Network Transferred from CANDELS”  Perez-Carrasco et al. (2019PASP..131j8002P)

Schedule for Spring 2019

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
1/11 Organizational Meeting
1/18 (no meeting due to CUWiP activities)
1/25 Shahram Talei

“Studies on particle tagging (painting) and semi-analytic models”

2/1 (no meeting due to high school physics contest)
2/8 Wenhao Li

“Shocked Post-starburst Galaxies Survey”

Spencer Caldwell

“ZTF 18aaqeasu (SN 2018byg): A Massive Helium-shell Double Detonation on a Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarf” De et al. (arXiv:1901.00874)

2/15 Colin Hancock

“Quantitative Analysis of 3-arm Spiral Galaxies”

Shahram Talei

“The Formation of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Cored Dark Matter Halos Through Tidal Stripping and Heating” Carleton et al. (arXiv:1805.06896)

Dean Townsley

“A class of partly burnt runaway stellar remnants from peculiar thermonuclear supernovae” Raddi et al. (arXiv:1902.05061)

2/22 Kavya Mukundan

“Determining Bar Fractions in the Local Universe”

Erwin 2018MNRAS.474.5372E (arXiv:1711.04867)

Lee, Ann, & Park arXiv:1901.05183


Amy Jones

Marvin – a MaNGA visualization tool

3/1 Spencer Caldwell

“He-accreting WD: Nucleosynthesis in the extreme binary system (1.02+0.30) Msun”

Piersanti et al. (arXiv:1901.00340)

3/8 Colin Hancock

“Gaia-2MASS 3D maps of Galactic interstellar dust within 3 kpc” Lallement et al (arXiv:1902.04116)

Jacob Morgan

“The Impact of Enhanced Halo Resolution on the Simulated Circumgalactic Medium” Hummels et al. (arXiv:1811.12410)

3/15 (no meeting, spring break)
3/22 Sreetama Goswami

“Investigation of two Fermi-LAT gamma-ray blazars coincident with high-energy neutrinos detected by IceCube” Fermi-LAT collaboration (arXiv:1901.10806)

Samantha Pedek

“A search for transient optical counterparts to high-energy IceCube neutrinos with Pan-STARRS1” Kankare et al. (arXiv:1901.11080)


3/29 Jacob Morgan

“First Results from the TNG50 Simulation: The evolution of stellar and gaseous disks across cosmic time” Pillepich et al. (arXiv:1902.05553)

Kavya Mukundan

“Effects of environment on sSFR profiles of late-type galaxies in the CALIFA survey” Coenda et al. (arXiv:1811.08910)

Samuel Boos

“The correlation of rate of Type Ia Supernovae with the parent galaxy properties: lights and shadows” Greggio and Cappellaro (arXiv:1903.05412)

4/5 (no meeting, honors day)
4/12 Anna Parul

“A Predicted Correlation Between Age Gradient and Star Formation History in FIRE Dwarf Galaxies” Graus et al. (arXiv:1901.05487)

Samuel Boos

“Observational Predictions for Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass Explosions: Further Evidence for Multiple Progenitor Systems for Type Ia Supernovae” Polin, Nugent, Kasen (2019, ApJ, 873, 84)

4/19 Marko Micic

“The formation and evolution of low-surface-brightness galaxies” Martin et al. (arXiv:1902.04580)

Wenhao Li

“Enhanced atomic gas fractions in recently merged galaxies: quenching is not a result of post-merger gas exhaustion” Ellison, Catinella, Cortese (2018MNRAS.478.3447E)

Anna Parul

“Formation, vertex deviation and age of the Milky Way’s bulge: input from a cosmological simulation with a late-forming bar” Debattista et al. (2019MNRAS.485.5073D)

4/26 Ava Ghadimi

“Search for High-energy Neutrinos from Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817 with ANTARES, IceCube, and the Pierre Auger Observatory” Albert et al. (2017 ApJ, 850, L35)

Sreetama Goswami

“Observations of fast radio bursts at frequencies down to 400 megahertz” CHIME/FRB Collaboration (2019 Nature 556, 230)

Marko Micic

“Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies at Ultraviolet Wavelengths” RS et al. (arXiv:1904.06262)

Schedule for Fall 2018

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
8/31  Organizational meeting

Ron Buta: update on SN2017eaw

9/14 Colin Hancock

“Quantitative Analysis of Three-arm Spiral Galaxies”

Dean Townsley
Three Hypervelocity White Dwarfs in Gaia DR2: Evidence for Dynamically Driven Double-Degenerate Double-Detonation Type Ia Supernovae” Shen et al (arXiv:1804.11163)
9/28 Shahram Talei

“Dynamical tests of a new semi-analytic force in CoSANG”

10/5 (special 45-minute talk)

Amy Jones

“Studying extra-planar, diffuse ionized gas with stacked MaNGA galaxies”

10/12 Wenhao Li

“The MOSDEF Survey: AGN Identification, Selection Biases and Host Galaxy Properties”

10/19 Nirmal Baral

“Non-parametric morphological classification of galaxies and errors present”

Wenhao Li

“The MURALES survey. I. A dual AGN in the radio galaxy 3C459?”  Balmaverde et al (arXiv:1809.04083)

10/26 Fall Break
11/2 Sreetama Goswami

“Dissecting the region around IceCube-170922A: the blazar TXS 0506+056 as the first cosmic neutrino source” Padovani et al (arXiv:1807.04461)

Kavya Mukundan

“Spatially resolved star formation and metallicity profiles in post-merger galaxies from MaNGA”  Thorp et al. (arXiv:1810.00897)

11/9 Jacob Morgan

“Figuring Out Gas and Galaxies in Enzo (FOGGIE). I. Resolving Simulated Circumgalactic Absorption at 2 < z < 2.5” Peeples et al. (arXiv:1810.06566)

11/16 Kavya Mukundan

“The impact of bars and interactions on optically selected AGNs in spiral galaxies” Alonso et al. (arXiv:1808.05536)

Nirmal Baral

“Mildly Suppressed Star Formation in Central Regions of MaNGA Seyfert Galaxies” Bing et al. (arXiv:1810.00365)

Spencer Caldwell

“Double-Degenerate Carbon-Oxygen and Oxygen-Neon White Dwarf Mergers: A New Mechanism for Faint and Rapid Type Ia Supernovae” Kashyap et al. (arXiv:1811.00013)

11/23 Thanksgiving Break
11/30 Spencer Caldwell

“Three-Dimensional Simulation of Double-Detonations in the Double-Degenerate Model for Type Ia Supernovae and Interaction of Ejecta with a Surviving White Dwarf Companion” Tanikawa, Nomoto, Nakasato (arXiv:1808.01545)

Jacob Morgan

“Starvation as the primary quenching mechanism in galaxies” Trussler et al. (arXiv:1811.09283)

Sreetama Goswami

“Detection of the temporal variation of the Sun’s cosmic ray shadow with the IceCube detector” IceCube Collaboration (arXiv:1811.02015)

12/7 Marcos Santander
Multimessenger observations of a flaring blazar coincident with high-energy neutrino IceCube-170922A2018 Science eaat1378
Neutrino emission from the direction of the blazar TXS 0506+056 prior to the IceCube-170922A alert2018 Science 361, 147
Colin Hancock

“A candidate super-Earth planet orbiting near the snow line of Barnard’s star” Ribas et al. (2018 Nature 563, 365)

Shahram Talei

“Phat ELVIS: The inevitable effect of the Milky Way’s disk on its dark matter subhaloes” Kelley et al. (arXiv:1811.12413)


Schedule for Spring 2018

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
1/19  Organizational meeting
2/2 Shahram Talei
Two Recent Improvements in CoSANG
Amy Jones
Colormaps for data display
Rainbows are bad
Good color mapping
Useful stuff for matplotlib
2/16 Career panel discussion (2:15-3:30, in GL 223)
2/23 Colin Hancock
“Quantitative Analysis of Three-armed Spiral Galaxies”
3/2 Wenhao Li
Poststarburst Galaxies based on IFU Observation
Jeremy Bailin

An absorption profile centred at 78 megahertz in the sky-averaged spectrum
Bowman et al. (2018 Nature 555, 67)

Preethi Nair

Update on portable planetarium.

3/9 Spencer Caldwell
Population Synthesis of Cataclysmic Variables
Goliasch and Nelson 2015, ApJ, 809, 80
3/16 No event (spring break)
3/23  Kavya Mukundan
Normal black holes in bulge-less galaxies: the largely quiescent, merger-free growth of black holes over cosmic time
Martin et al. (arXiv:1801.09699)
Shahram Talei

Self-consistent semi-analytic models of the first stars Visbal, Haiman, Bryan 2018MNRAS.475.5246V

Lucas Johnson

Little Blue Dots in the Hubble Space Telescope Frontier Fields: Precursors to Globular Clusters?
Elmegreen & Elmegreen 2017ApJ…851L..44E

Nirmal Baral

Improving galaxy morphologies for SDSS with Deep Learning

3/30 Brett Addison (Mississippi State)
4/6 No event (honors day)
4/13 Sreetama Goswami
Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector
IceCube Collaboration 2013Sci…342E…1I
Colin Hancock

A density cusp of quiescent X-ray binaries in the central parsec of the Galaxy
Hailey et al. (2018Natur.556…70H)

Wenhao Li

A model for AGN variability on multiple timescales
Sartori et al. (2018MNRAS.476L..34S)

Spencer Caldwell

Discovery of a new classical nova shell around a nova-like cataclysmic variable
Guerrero et al. (arXiv:1803.05425)

4/20 Nirmal Baral

Identifying Mergers Using Quantitative Morphologies in Zoom Simulations of High Redshift Galaxies
Abruzzo et al. (arXiv:1803.02374)

Jacob Morgan

4/27 Ashok Timsina
Simulating Dwarf-Dwarf Galaxy Flyby Interactions
Sreetama Goswami

AGN Outflows as Neutrino Sources: An Observational Test
Padovani, Turcati, & Resconi (arXiv:1804.01386)

Kavya Mukundan

Massive, Absorption-selected Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts
Kanekar et al. (arXiv:1803.07563)

Jacob Morgan
A Galaxy Lacking Dark Matter
van Dokkum et al. (arXiv:1803.10237)
and follow-up: Laporte et al. (arXiv:1804.04139), Martin et al. (arXiv:1804.04136)
van Dokkum response
and even a twitter take

Schedule for Fall 2017

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
9/01  Greeting and organization
9/08 Xiaotao Wang

“Searches of Hypersoft X-ray Point Sources: Calibration of Chandra Observations”

Dean Townsley
An unusual white dwarf star may be a surviving remnant of a subluminous Type Ia supernova. Vennes et al. (2017, Science, 357, 680)
9/22  Lucas Johnson

“The Possible Age of Lensing Systems & How Fossils Can Help”

Marcos Santander

Observation of a large-scale anisotropy in the arrival directions of cosmic rays above 8 × 10^18eV Auger Collaboration (2017, Science, 357, 1266)

10/06  Broxton Miles

“Reconstructing Detonations in Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass Type Ia Supernovae”

Bill Keel

Highlights from Galaxy Zoo conference

10/20 Summaries of papers from LIGO detection of neutron star merger see the event page for details.
Presenters: Dean Townsley, Dawn Williams, Broxton Miles
10/27  No Event (Mid-semester study break)   No Event (Mid-semester study break)
11/03 Shahram Talei

Subhalo demographics in the Illustris simulation: effects of baryons and halo-to-halo variation, Chua et al. MNRAS, 472, 4343

Ron Buta

Light-curve Analysis of Ordinary Type IIP Supernovae Based on Neutrino-driven Explosion Simulations in Three Dimensions, Utrobin et al., ApJ, 846, 37

and “Type II Supernovae and SN 2017eaw in NGC 6946” (Ron’s observations)

11/10 Nirmal Baral

Beyond spheroids and discs: classifications of CANDELS galaxy structure at 1.4 < z < 2 via principal component analysis, Peth et al. 2016 MNRAS 458, 963

Preethi Nair

The Electromagnetic Counterpart of the Binary Neutron Star Merger LIGO/Virgo GW170817. VII. Properties of the Host Galaxy and Constraints on the Merger Timescale Blanchard et al. ApJL, 848, L22

11/17 Colin Hancock
An Active Galactic Nucleus Caught in the Act of Turning Off and On, Comerford et al. 2017 ApJ, 849, 102
Lucas Johnson
The Little Cub: Discovery of an Extremely Metal-poor Star-forming Galaxy in the Local Universe, Hsyu et al. 2017 ApJ, 845, L22Shahram Talei
Angular momentum properties of haloes and their baryon content in the Illustris simulation, Zjupa & Springel 2017 MNRAS, 466, 1625
11/24 No Event (Thanksgiving break) No Event (Thanksgiving break)
12/01 Colin Hancock
Infrared Flares from M Dwarfs: A Hinderance to Future Transiting Exoplanet Studies, Davenport 2017 Res. Notes AAS, 1, 2Nirmal Baral
SDSS J170745+302056: a low surface brightness galaxy in a group, Reshetnikov et al. arXiv:1711:06084Jeremy Bailin
3D motions in the Sculptor dwarf galaxy as a glimpse of a new era, Massari et al. arXiv:171108945

Schedule for Spring 2017

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
2/3 Bill Keel – Highlights from the AAS winter meeting
2/10 Broxton Miles

“The Unexpected Results of Verification”

Dean Townsley

Outbursts in Two New Cool Pulsating DA White Dwarfs

2/17 No Event
2/24 Lucas Johnson
“What’s Hot and What’s Not: First Look at New Fossil Progenitor HST and Chandra Images”
3/3 Ashok Timsina
3/10 Sunil Laudari
A Computer-generated Visual Morphology Catalog of ~3,000,000 SDSS Galaxies
3/24 Xiaotao Wang
“Upper limits on luminosities of three type Ia supernova progenitors”Colin Hancock
The Galaxy End Sequence
3/31 Shahram Talei

Not so lumpy after all: modeling the depletion of dark matter subhalos by Milky Way-like galaxies

Colin Hancock
Galaxies Grow Their Bulges and Black Holes in Diverse Ways

Sunil Laudari
The size evolution of star-forming galaxies since z~ 7 using ZFOURGE
4/7 No Event (Honors Day) No Event (Honors Day)
4/14 Nirmal Baral

Non-prametric morphologies of mergers in the Illustris simulation

Xiaotao Wang
How Supernovae Launch Galactic Winds
Ya-Yin Chang
Efficiency of metal mixing in dwarf galaxies
4/21 Ya-Yin Chang

Falling outer rotation curves of star-forming galaxies at 0.6 < z < 2.6 probed with KMOS 3D and SINS/ZC-SINF

Ashok Timsina
Evolution of dust extinction curves in galaxy simulation.Shahram Talei
Comparing semi-analytic particle tagging and hydrodynamical simulations of the Milky Way’s stellar halo
4/28 NA Lucas Johnson
Ultra-diffuse and Ultra-compact Galaxies in the Frontier Fields Cluster Abell 2744Nirmal Baral
PTF1 J082340.04+081936.5: A Hot Subdwarf B Star with a Low-mass White Dwarf Companion in an 87-minute Orbit
Broxton Miles
Observational evidence for high neutronization in supernova remnants: Implications for Type Ia supernova progenitors

Fall 2016

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
9/9 Lucas Johnson,
“Fossils Systems and Arcs: Warming up to Strong Lensing Biases”
9/16 No event
No Event
9/23 Broxton Miles, TBD Preethi Nair
9/30 No event No Event
10/7 No event No Event
10/14 Xiaotao Wang,
“Upper limits on bolometric luminosities of nearby Type Ia supernova progenitors from Chandra observations”
Lucas Johnson
“Evolution of Galaxy Groups in the Illustris Simulation”

Bill Keel
“Orientation session for new 5-inch refractors for the AY203 lab class”
10/21 No event
No Event
11/4 Prabandha Nakarmi,
“Very High-Energy Gamma-Ray Follow-Up Program Using Neutrino Triggers From IceCube”
Sunil Laudari
SDSS J085431.18+173730.5: The  First Compact Elliptical Galaxy Hosting an Active Nucleus
Ashok Timsina
Mass modeling of galaxy clusters: quantifying hydrostatic bias and contribution from non-thermal pressure
11/11 Ashok Timsina,
“A Study of u-Magnitude Dependence in the Spatial Orientation of Spin Vectors of SDSS Galaxies”
Xiaotao Wang
“The impact of stellar feedback on hot gas in galaxy haloes: the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect and soft X-ray emission”
Jeremy Bailin
“Probabilistic Forecasting of the Masses and Radii of Other Worlds”
11/18 Sunil Laudari ,
“Study of M*-Re Relation for Galaxy Single- & Multi- Components Using GAMA Survey”

Spring 2016

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
4/14 Sunil Laudari, Magnitude Dependence in the Spatial Orientation of SDSS Galaxies in the Redshift Range of 0.30-0.40 Broxton Miles, Nebular spectra and abundance tomography of the Type Ia supernova SN 2011fe: a normal SN Ia with a stable Fe core – Mazzali et al. 2015MNRAS.450.2631M,arXiv:1504.04857
3/31 Broxton Miles, Burning A White Dwarf: How Nuclear Reaction Network Choice Effects Simulations of Type Ia Supernovae Lucas Johnson, Fossil groups in the Millennium simulation. From the brightest to the faintest galaxies during the past 8 Gyr – Kanagusuku et al. arXiv:1511.05978
3/25 Lia Sartori (ETH Zurich), The Rapid Cycle of Black Hole Accretion Phases Krista McCord, The Eating Habits of Milky Way Mass Halos: Destroyed Dwarf Satellites and the Metallicity Distribution of Accreted Stars – Deason, Mao, and Wechsler arXiv:1601.07905
3/3 Krista McCord, CoSANG: Galaxy Placement No Summary
2/26 Lucas Johnson, Fossil Systems and Their Progenitors: The Role of Strong Lensing Bill Keel, A Fast Radio Burst Host Galaxy – Keane et al. arXiv:1602.07477
2/4 James Pepper, Gravitino Dark Matter Decay with IC86 No Summary

Fall 2015

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
12/3 Sarah Bradford, Dust Mapping of Spiral Galaxy Disks from the Hubble STARSMOG Survey Jeremy Bailin, The APOSTLE simulations arXiv:1507.03643 and arXiv:1511.01098
11/19 Krista McCord – CoSANG: Coupled Semi-Analytic/N-body Galaxies No Summary
11/5 Sarthak Dasadia (UA Huntsville), Bow Shocks, Cold Fronts and Substructures in Merging Galaxy Clusters- No Summary
11/19 Krista McCord, CoSANG: Coupled Semi-Analytic/N-body Galaxies No Summary
10/15 Owain Snaith, Exploring Galaxy Simulations in Alabama – Age Metallicity Relations No Summary
10/8 Lucas Johnson, Fossil System Origins No Summary
9/17 Broxton Miles, On Measuring the Metallicity of Supernovae Type Ia Progenitors No Summary
9/3 Dawn Williams, Highlights from the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference No Summary

Spring 2015

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
4/23 No Talk Sarah Bradford, A Periodically Varying Luminous Quasar at z=2 from the Pan-STARRS1 Medium Deep Survey: A Candidate Supermassive Black Hole Binary in the Gravitational Wave-Driven Regime – Liu et al. arXiv:15.02083, 2015 ApJ, 803, L16
4/9 Sarah Bradford, Active Galactic Nuclei and Quasars: Why Still a Puzzle after 50 years?, Antonucci arXiv:1501.02001 Broxton Miles, The Initiation and Propagation of Helium Detonations in White Dwarf Envelopes – Shen & Moore – 2014ApJ…797…46S
4/2 Broxton Miles, Twins for life? A comparative analysis of the Type Ia supernovae 2011fe and 2011by, Graham et al. (2015MNRAS.446.2073G) Lucas Johnson, Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2
3/26 James Pepper, Very Heavy Dark Matter Decay – related to arXiv:1503.04663  No Summary
3/12 Lucas Johnson, The Cheshire Cat Gravitational Lens Jeremy Bailin, the GHOSTS survey
2/12 Krista McCord, CoSANG: Coupling Semi-Analytical N-Body Galaxies, An Update Ron Buta, A Classical Morphological Analysis of Galaxies in the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G), Buta et al. – arXiv:1501.00454
2/5 Ron Buta, Searching for Supernovae with the UA telescope No Summary
1/29 Donglian Xu, Search for Astrophysical Tau Neutrinos with Three Years of IceCube Data Krista McCord, Where do the 3.5 keV photons come from? A morphological study of the Galactic Center and of Perseus, Carlson, Jeltema, Profumo, arXiv:1411.1758

Fall 2014

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
12/4 Sarah Bradford, Dust in the Circumgalactic Medium of Low-Redshift Galaxies – Peek, Menard, Corrales arXiv:1411.3333 James Pepper, Planck intermediate results. XXX. The angular power spectrum of polarized dust emission at intermediate and high Galactic latitudes – Planck Collaboration – arXiv:1409.5738
11/6 Broxton Miles, Accreting White Dwarfs using the MESA star Stellar Evolution Code: Ignition Masses & Effective Temperatures (original research) Dean Townsley, OGLE-2013-SN-079: a lonely supernova consistent with a helium shell detonation – Inserra et al. arXiv:1410.6473
10/23 James Pepper, Searching for Gravitino Dark Matter with IceCube-86 (original research) No Summary
10/16 Krista McCord, Coupling Semi-Analytic Models and N-Body Simulations: A New Way of Making Galaxies and Stellar Halos (original research) Jeremy Bailin, The Atlas3D project – XXIX. The new look of early-type galaxies and surrounding fields disclosed by extremely deep optical images – P.-A. Duc et al. 2014, MNRAS, in press –arXiv:1410.0981
10/2 Lucas Johnson, The Search for Fossil Group Progenitors (original research) Bill Keel, The ^G Infrared Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations with Large Energy Supplies. I. Background and Justification – Wright et al. – arXiv:1408.1133The ^G Infrared Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations with Large Energy Supplies. II. Framework, Strategy, and First Result – Wright et al. – arXiv:1408.1134

Spring 2014

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
4/25 No Talk James Pepper, Constraints on Self Interacting Dark Matter from IceCube Results – Albuquerque, de Los Heros, & Robertson – 2014JCAP…02..047A

Andrew Rowe, Possible Origin of the G2 Cloud from the Tidal Disruption of a Known Giant Star by Sgr A* – Guillochon et al. – 2014ApJ…786L..12G

Jeremy Bailin, An Earth-Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Cool Star – Quintana et al. – Science, 344, 277, arXiv:1404.5667; Nucleosynthesis game “Fe26”

4/18 Andrew Rowe, on the paper “Evolution from protoplanetary to debris discs: The transition disc around HD 166191” – Kennedy et al. – arXiv:1312.4531 Sarah True, Evidence for a lower value for H0 from cosmic chronometers data? – Busti, Clarkson, and Seikel – MNRAS early access, arXiv:1402.5429
4/11 Dillon Trelawny, Optical Photometry of the 2012 Outburst of the Soft X-Ray Transient/Black Hole Candidate Swift J1910.2-0546/MAXI J1910-057 Ron Buta, Explaining two circumnuclear star forming rings in NGC 5248 – van der Laan et al. – arXiv:1306.5758
3/21 Sarah True, on the paper The Ups and Downs of α Centauri – Ayres – 2014AJ….147…59A Krista McCord, A comprehensive view of the Virgo Stellar Stream – Duffau, Vivas, Zinn, Mendez, Ruiz – arXiv:1403.2388

Dean Townsley, BICEP2 I: Detection Of B-mode Polarization at Degree Angular Scales – BICEP2 Collaboration – arXiv:1403.3985
Preethi Nair – discussion of participating in remote seminars from STScI

3/14 Lucas Johnson, on the paper Extra-nuclear Starbursts: Young Luminous Hinge Clumps in Interacting Galaxies – Smith et al. 2014AJ….147…60S Broxton Miles, The effect of helium accretion efficiency on rates of Type Ia supernovae: double-detonations in accreting binaries – Ruiter et al. arXiv:1401.0341

Dean Townsley, Type Ia supernova bolometric light curves and ejected mass estimates from the Nearby Supernova Factory – Scalzo et al. arXiv:1402.6842

3/7 Krista McCord, on the paper Dancing in the dark: galactic properties trace spin swings along the cosmic web – Dubois et al. arXiv:1402.1165 Owain Snaith, The Dominant Epoch of Star Formation in the Milky Way Formed the Thick Disk – Snaith et al. (2014ApJ…781L..31S)
2/28 Owain Snaith, The age structure of stellar populations in the solar vicinity. Clues of a two-phase formation history of the Milky Way disk – based on Haywood et al (2013A&A…560A.109H) as background for Snaith et al. (2014ApJ…781L..31S) Timmy Brockett, Validation of Kepler’s Multiple Planet Candidates. III: Light Curve Analysis & Announcement of Hundreds of New Multi-planet Systems – Rowe et al (arXiv:1402.6534) – also Lissauer et al. (arXiv:1402.6352)
2/21 Broxton Miles, on the paper The Nature of the Si II 6150A, Ca II HK, Ca II IR-triplet, and other Spectral Features in Supernova Type Ia Spectra – van Rossum – arXiv:1208.3781 Lucas Johnson, A single low-energy, iron-poor supernova as the source of metals in the star SMSS J031300.36−670839.3 – Keller et al. – Nature 2014 12990
2/14 Donglian Xu, on the paper Observations of the unidentified gamma-ray source TeV J2032+4130 by VERITAS – VERITAS Collaboration – arXiv:1401.2828 Dillon Trelawny, A magnetic accretion switch in pre-cataclysmic binaries? – Drake, Garraffo, Takei, Gaensicke – arXiv:1401.7348
2/7 Timmy Brockett, on the paper Discovery of a Population of Bulgeless Galaxies with Extremely Red Mid-IR Colors: Obscured AGN Activity in the Low Mass Regime? – Satyapal et al. –arXiv:1401.5483 Peter Maksym, SDSS1133: An Unusually Persistent Transient in a Nearby Dwarf Galaxy – Koss et al. – arXiv:1401.6798
1/31 James Pepper, “Cascades from Gravitino DM Decay in IC86” No Summary
1/24 No Talk Jeremy Bailin, “Systematic Problems With Using Dark Matter Simulations to Model Stellar Halos” – Bailin et al. arXiv:1401.5489
Dean Townsley, Supernovae 2014J in M82
Description of discovery
Astronomers Telegrams
2002bo, Stehle et al. 2005MNRAS.360.1231S

Fall 2013

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
12/6 No Talk Donglian Xu, Observation of Electron Neutrino Appearance in a Muon Neutrino Beam – Abe et al. – arXiv:1311.4750

Jeremy Bailin, The large-scale structure of the halo of the Andromeda Galaxy Part I: global stellar density, morphology and metallicity properties – Ibata et al. arXiv:1311.5888

Michael Larson, Detection of an Outburst One Year Prior to the Explosion of SN 2011ht – Fraser et al. – 2013ApJ…779L…8F

11/22 Lucas Johnson, on the paper “Dwarf Galaxies with Optical Signatures of Active Massive Black Holes” – Reines, Greene, and Geha – 2013ApJ…775..116R Sarah True, Objects Appear Smaller as they Recede: How Proper Motions can Directly Reveal the Cosmic Expansion, Provide Geometric Distances, and Measure the Hubble Constant – Darling – 2013ApJ…777L..21D

Andrew Rowe, Will Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) Survive Perihelion? – Knight and Walsh – 2013ApJ…776L…5K

10/25 No Talk Dillon Trelawny, SWIFT J1910.2-0546: A possible black hole binary with a retrograde spin or truncated disk – Reis et al. – arXiv:1310.0417

Dacheng Lin, Chandra Identification of 26 New Black Hole Candidates in the Central Region of M31 – Barnard, Garcia, and Murray – 2013ApJ…770..148B

10/18 Timmy Brockett, on the paper Magnitude and size evolution of bulgeless galaxies – Sachdeva – arXiv:1307.6104 Ron Buta, Morphology of Nearby Galaxies – conference presentation
10/11 Broxton Miles, Modeling of Cataclysmic Variables using the MESA Stellar Evolution Code Krista McCord, Near IR Astrometry of Magnetars – Tendulkar – arXiv:1309.1434

Bill Keel, Summary from conference – Evolutionary Paths in Galaxy Morphology, Sydney, Austrailia, 2013

10/4 No Talk Lucas Johnson, Evidence that Gamma-Ray Burst 130702A Exploded in a Dwarf Satellite of a Massive Galaxy – Kelly et al. – 2013ApJ…775L…5K

Dean Townsley, On the brightness distribution of Type Ia supernovae from violent white dwarf mergers – Ruiter et al. – 2013MNRAS.429.1425R

9/27 James Pepper, An IceCube Search for Dark Matter Annihilation in nearby Galaxies and Galaxy ClustersarXiv:1307.3473 Broxton Miles, Quiescent nuclear burning in low-metallicity white dwarfs – Miller Bertolami et al. – arXiv:1308.2062

Dacheng Lin, A ~3.8 hour Periodicity from an Ultrasoft Active Galactic Nucleus Candidate – Lin et al. – arXiv:1309.4440

9/20 Krista McCord, On the paper Seeking Observable Imprints of Small-Scale Structure on the Properties of Dark Matter Haloes – Power – arXiv:1309.1591 Ka-Wah Wong, The puzzling radio source in the cool core cluster A 2626 – Gitti – arXiv:1308.5825

Timmy Brockett, On the nature of the brightest globular cluster in M81 – Mayya et al. – arXiv:1309.4809

9/13 Donglian Xu, High Energy NuTau Double Pulse Event Search in IceCube Peter Maksym, A strong magnetic field around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Galaxy – Eatough et al. – 2013 Nature, 12499
8/30 Dawn Williams, High Energy Contained Neutrino Events in IceCube No Summary

Spring 2013

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
4/26 No Talk Broxton Miles, Signatures of pulsars in the light curves of newly formed supernova remnants – Kotera, Phinney, Olinto – arXiv:1304.5326

Michael Larson, PSR J0357+3205: A Fast-moving Pulsar with a Very Unusual X-Ray Trail – De Luca et al. – 2013ApJ…765L..19D

4/19 Lucas Johnson, on the paper “Discovery of an Hα Emitting Disk Around the Supermassive Black Hole of M31” – Menezes, Steiner, Ricci – 2013ApJ…762L..29M Bill Keel, Fueling AGN-I: How the Global Characteristics of the Central Kiloparsec of Seyferts differ from Quiescent Galaxies – Hicks et al. – arXiv:1303.4399

Digesh Raut, Dark Matter Search Results Using the Silicon Detectors of CDMS II – CDMS Collaboration – arXiv:1304.4279

3/22 Michael Larson, on the paper Retention of Stellar-mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters – Morscher et al. – 2013ApJ…763L..15M Jimmy Irwin, A Captured Runaway Black Hole in NGC 1277? – Shields & Bonning – arXiv:1302.4458

James Pepper, Searching for Spurious Solar and Sky Lines in the Fermi-LAT Spectrum – Whiteson – arXiv:1302.0427

3/15 Broxton Miles, on the paper Multi-Dimensional Double Detonation of Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarfs – Moll & Woosley – arXiv:1303.0324 Dean Townsley, Evidence for Two Distinct Populations of Type Ia Supernovae – Wang et al. – arXiv:1303.2601

Lucas Johnson, A 10,000 Year Old Explosion in DR21 – Zapata et al. – 2013ApJ…765L..29Z

3/8 Digesh Raut, on the paper The Clustering of Extremely Red Objects – Palamara et al. – arXiv:1211.6798 Timmy Brockett, On the Galactic Spiral Arms Nature as revealed by rotation frequencies – Roca-Fabrega et al. – arXiv:1302.6981
3/1 Krista McCord, on the paper The impact of baryons on the spins and shapes of dark matter haloes – Bryan et al. – 2013MNRAS.429.3316B Dean Townsley, Conditions For Successful Helium Detonations In Astrophysical Environments – Holcomb et al. – arXiv:1302.6235
2/22 Aparajita Sengupta, Mechanisms for Galaxy Transformation in the Complex Environment of SuperGroup Abell 1882 Jeremy Bailin, The Velocity Anisotropy of Distant Milky Way Halo Stars from HST Proper Motions – Deason et al. – arXiv:1302.5111press release
2/15 Timmy Brockett, on the paper High Galactic latitude runaway stars as tracers of the spiral arms – Silva & Napiwotzki – arXiv:1302.0761 Ka-Wah Wong, Suzaku observations of Abell 1835 outskirts: Deviation from hydrostatic equilibrium – Ichikawa et al. – arXiv:1302.0095

Donglian Xu, Detection of the Characteristic Pion-Decay Signature in Supernova Remnants – Ackermann et al. – 2013 Science, 339, 807

2/8 James Pepper Peter Maksym, Super-Eddington accreting massive black holes as long-lived cosmological standards – Wang, Du, Valls-Gabaud, Hu, & Netzer – arXiv:1301.4225
2/1 Donglian Xu, on paper Measurement of the Atmospheric νe flux in IceCube – IceCube Collaboration – arXiv:1212.4760 Dawn Williams, A Cool Dust Factory in the Crab Nebula: A Herschel Study of the Filaments – Gomez et al. – arXiv:1209.5677

Krista McCord, The puzzling merging cluster Abell 1914: new insights from the kinematics of member galaxies – Barrena, Girardi, Boschin – arXiv:1301.5200

1/25 Digesh Raut, on paper Chandra and optical/IR observations of CXOJ1415.2+3610, a massive, newly discovered galaxy cluster at z~1.5 – Tozzi et al. – arXiv:1212.2560 Dacheng Lin, An X-ray counterpart of HESS J1427-608 discovered with Suzaku – Fujinaga et al. – arXiv:1301.5274
1/18 No Talk Aparajita Sengupta, Towards a physical picture of star-formation quenching: the photometric properties of recently-quenched galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey – Mendel et al. –arXiv:1211.6115

Jeremy Bailin, A Vast Thin Plane of Co-rotating Dwarf Galaxies Orbiting the Andromeda Galaxy – Ibata et al. – arXiv:1301.0446

Peter Maksym, High Frequency Gravitational Waves from Supermassive Black Holes: Prospects for LIGO-Virgo Detections – Kocsis – arXiv:1211.6427

Fall 2012

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
12/7 Kevin Moore (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara), Quenching Surface Helium Detonations on White Dwarfs Brad Madajczyk, Search for Point-Like Sources of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos at the Pierre Auger Observatory and Improved Limit on the Diffuse Flux of Tau Neutrinos – Pierre Auger Collaboration – arXiv:1210.3143
11/30 Michael Larson, on the paper On the Diversity and Complexity of Absorption Line Profiles Produced by Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei – Giustini & Proga – 2012ApJ…758…70G Dean Townsley, Radiation Energy Balance Method for Calculating the Time Evolution of Type Ia Supernovae during the Post-explosion Phase – van Rossum – 2012ApJ…756…31V

Bill Keel, An Over-Massive Black Hole in the Compact Lenticular Galaxy NGC1277 – van den Bosch et al. – arXiv:1211.6429

11/16 Digesh Raut, on the paper Black hole mass and Eddington ratio distribution functions of X-ray selected broad-line AGNs at z~1.4 in the Subaru XMM-Newton Deep Field – Nobuta et al. – arXiv:1211.0069 Jimmy Irwin, Two stellar-mass black holes in the globular cluster M22 Telescope – Strader et al. – 2012 Nature, 490, 71

Michael Larson, Search for Cosmic Neutrino Point Sources with Four Years of Data from the ANTARES Telescope – ANTARES collaboration – 2012 ApJ, 760, 53

11/9 Broxton Miles, Dependence of Si-group Yields on Progenitor Composition in 2D Simulations of Type Ia Supernovae Lucas Johnson, BD+48 740 – Li Overabundant Giant Star with a Planet: A Case of Recent Engulfment? – Adamow et al. – 2012ApJ…754L..15A

Krista McCord, S-stars in the Galactic center and hypervelocity stars in the Galactic halo: two faces of the tidal breakup of stellar binaries by the central massive black hole? – Zhang, Lu, & Yu – arXiv:1210.1901

11/2 No Talk Mihoko Yukita, The Chandra View of NGC 4178: The Lowest Mass Black Hole in a Bulgeless Disk Galaxy? – Secrest et al. – 2012ApJ…753…38S

Timmy Brockett, The Black Hole Mass – Stellar Velocity Dispersion Relationship for Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7 – Salviander & Shields – arXiv:1210.7263

Dawn Williams, Results from the IceCube Experiment – Neutrino 2012– Sullivan for the IceCube Collaboration – arXiv:1210.4195

10/26 Krista McCord, The First Spectroscopically Resolved Sub-parsec Orbit of a Supermassive Binary Black Hole – Bon et al. – arXiv:1209.4524 Dacheng Lin, Radio Detections During Two State Transitions of the Intermediate-Mass Black Hole HLX-1 – Webb et al. – 2012Sci…337..554W

Broxton Miles, The shortest period sdB plus white dwarf binary CD-30 11223 (GALEX J1411-3053) – Vennes et al. – arXiv:1210.1512

10/19 James Pepper, A Tentative Gamma-Ray Line from Dark Matter Annihilation at the Fermi Large Area Telescope – Weniger – arXiv:1204.2797 Dean Townsley, PTF 11kx: A Type Ia Supernova with a Symbiotic Nova Progenitor – Dilday et al. – arXiv:1207.1306 also Science 337, 942

Digesh Raut, An empirical prediction for stellar metallicity distributions in nearby galaxies – Peeples & Somerville – arXiv:1208.4366

10/12 Donglian Xu, A Search for UHE Tau Neutrinos with IceCube – IceCube Collaboration – arXiv:1202.4564 Ka-Wah Wong, Jet-Launching Structure Resolved Near the Supermassive Black Hole in M87 – Doeleman et al. – Science Express 1224768
9/21 Timmy Brockett, High Velocity Dispersion in A Rare Grand Design Spiral Galaxy at Redshift z=2.18 – Law et al. – arXiv:1207.4196 Evan Million, A Massive, Cooling-Flow-Induced Starburst in the Core of a Highly Luminous Galaxy Cluster – McDonald et al. – arXiv:1208.2962

Dean Townsley, Binary interaction dominates the evolution of massive stars – Sana et al. – arXiv:1207.6397 (also Science 337, 444)

9/14 Aparajita Sengupta, A Multiwavelength View Of Galaxy Transformation in The SuperGroup Environment Of Abell 1882 Bill Keel, The Pal 5 Star Stream Gaps – Carlberg, Grillmair, Hetherington – arXiv:1209.1741

James Pepper, Are Lines From Unassociated Gamma-Ray Sources Evidence For Dark Matter Annihilation? – Hooper & Linden – arXiv:1208.0828

9/7 Dacheng Lin, Classification of X-ray Sources in the 2XMM Catalog Donglian Xu, Rapid Orbital Decay in the 12.75-minute WD+WD Binary J0651+2844 – Hermes et al. – arXiv:1208.5051
8/31 Peter Maksym, Tidal Disruption Flares from Rich Clusters of Galaxies Ron Buta – IAU Beijing special session “Galaxy Evolution Through Secular Processes”

Spring 2012

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
4/27 No Talk Jimmy Irwin, M – sigma relation between SMBHs and the velocity dispersion of the globular cluster systems – Sadoun & Colin – arXiv:1204.0144

Evan Million, Shock fronts, electron-ion equilibration and ICM transport processes in the merging cluster Abell 2146 – Russel et al – arXiv:1202.5320 (suggested 3/9)

Dean Townsley, Constraining Type Ia Supernova Models: SN 2011fe as a Test Case – Röpke et al – 2012ApJ…750L..19R

4/20 Digesh Raut, The gas distribution in the outer regions of galaxy clusters – Eckert et al. – arXiv:1111.0020 Pat Toale, An absence of neutrinos associated with cosmic-ray acceleration in γ-ray bursts – IceCube Collaboration – Nature, 484, 351

Garrison Turner, Ultra Long Period Cepheids: a primary standard candle out to the Hubble flow – Fiorentino et al. – arXiv:1203.0026 (suggested 3/31)

4/13 Michael Larson, Radio imaging of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field – III. Evolution of the radio luminosity function beyond z=1 – Simpson et al. – arXiv:1201.3225 Dean Townsley, Very Early Ultraviolet and Optical Observations of the Type Ia Supernova 2009ig – Foley et al. – 2012ApJ…744…38F
3/30 Broxton Miles, 2D simulations of the double-detonation model for thermonuclear transients from low-mass carbon-oxygen white dwarfs – Sim et al. – 2012MNRAS.420.3003S Evan Million, A Study of the Dark Core in A520 with Hubble Space Telescope: The Mystery Deepens – Jee et al. – arXiv:1202.6368 (suggested 3/9)

Timmy Brockett, A second neutron star in M4? – Kaluzny et al – arXiv:1203.5971 (suggested 3/30)

3/23 Krista McCord, A Combined Optical and X-ray Study of Unobscured Type 1 AGN. II. Relation Between X-ray Emission and Optical Spectra – Jin, Ward, & Done – arXiv:1203.0239 Mihoko Yukita, The Birth of an Ultra-Luminous X-ray Source in M83 – Soria et al – arXiv:1203.2335 (suggested 3/19)

Beidi Peng, Dissecting the morphological and spectroscopic properties of galaxies in the local Universe: I. Elliptical galaxies – Aguerri et al. – arXiv:1201.2409 (suggested 2/10)

3/9 Beidi Peng, An Extreme X-ray Disk Wind in the Black Hole Candidate IGR J17091-3624 – King et al. – arXiv:1112.3648 No Summary
3/2 James Pepper, Implications For The Origin Of GRB 051103 From LIGO Observations – LIGO collaboration – arXiv:1201.4413 Evan Million, The X-ray luminous cluster underlying the z = 1.04 quasar PKS1229-021 – Russell et al. – arXiv:1201.5395 (suggested 1/27)

Garrison Turner, The Kepler characterization of the variability among A- and F-type stars. I. General overview – Uytterhoeven et al. – 2011A&A…534A.125U (suggested 2/6)

2/24 Timmy Brockett, Bar pattern speed evolution over the last 7 Gyr – Perez, Aguerri, & Mendez-Abreu – arXiv:1202.1929 Krista McCord, Discovery of the millisecond pulsar PSR J2043+1711 in a Fermi source with the Nancay Radio Telescope – Guillemot et al. – arXiv:1202.1128 (suggested 2/7)

Ron Buta, Dwarfs Gobbling Dwarfs: A Stellar Tidal Stream Around NGC 4449 and Hierarchical Galaxy Formation on Small Scales – Martinez-Delgado et al. – arXiv:1112.2154 (suggested 2/15)

2/17 Donglian Xu, Looking for neutrinos from shrouded collapsars Dawn Williams, First evidence of pep solar neutrinos by direct detection in Borexino – Borexino Collaboration – arXiv:1110.3230 (suggested 2/8)
2/10 Yuanyuan Su, Suzaku Observations of the X-ray Brightest Fossil Group ESO3060170 Pat Toale, Spectrum and Morphology of the Two Brightest Milagro Sources in the Cygnus Region: MGRO J2019+37 and MGRO J2031+41 – Abdo et al. – arXiv:1202.0846 (suggested 2/7)

Michael Larson, Panoramic Survey of Lyman alpha Emitters at z=3.1 – Yamada et al. – arXiv:1202.0087 (suggested 2/2)

2/3 Aparajita Sengupta, Abell 1882: A Sneak Peak at a SuperGroup in our Local Universe Dean Townsley, Calcium-rich gap transients in the remote outskirts of galaxies – Kasliwal et al. – arXiv:1111.6109 (suggested 12/1)

Broxton Miles, Prospective Constraints on Neutrino Masses from a Core-Collapse Supernova – Ellis et al. – arXiv:1202.0248 (suggested 2/2)

1/27 AAS talks: Jimmy Irwin, An intermediate mass black hole in a globular cluster

Ka-Wah Wong, X-ray imaging of the Bondi radius of supermassive black holes

No Summary
1/20 No Talk Evan Million, Evidence for extended gamma-ray emission from galaxy clusters – Han et al – arXiv:1201.1003 (suggested 1/6)

Digesh Raut, Magnetic Field Decay Makes Neutron Stars Look Older Than They Are – Zhang & Xie – arXiv:1110.3154 (suggested 12/15)

Bill Keel, A gas cloud on its way towards the super-massive black hole in the Galactic Centre – Gillessen et al. – arXiv:1112.3264 (suggested 12/15)

Fall 2011

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
12/9 Erin Darnell, Multi-wavelength Probes of Obscuration Toward the Narrow-line Region in Seyfert Galaxies – Kraemer et al – arXiv:1011.5993

Beidi Peng, The Trigonoetric Parallax of Cygnus X-1 – Reid et al. – arXiv:1106.3688

No Summary
12/2 Garrison Turner, The Connection Between Delta Scuti Stars and Close Binary Parameters – original research Timmy Brockett, Bar effects on central star formation and AGN activity – Oh, Oh, & Yi – arXiv:1111.3623 (suggested 11/18)

Ron Buta, highlights from “Secular Evolution of Galaxies” meeting in the Canary Islands

11/18 Krista McCord, Jet Trails and Mach Cones: The Interaction of Microquasars with the Interstellar Medium – Yoon et al. – 2011ApJ…742…25Y Dean Townsley (presented 11/4), A Compact Degenerate Primary-Star Progenitor of SN 2011fe – Bloom et al. – arXiv:1111.0966
11/11 Beidi Peng, Introduction of X-Ray emission components of early type galaxies Broxton Miles, Spectroscopic Properties of Star-Forming Host Galaxies and Type Ia Supernova Hubble Residuals in a Nearly Unbiased Sample – D’Andrea et al – arXiv:1110.5517 – (suggested 11/2)
11/4 Erin Darnell, Multi-wavelength Probes of Obscuration Toward the Narrow-line Region in Seyfert Galaxies – Kraemer et al – arXiv:1011.5993 Yuanyuan Su, Coronal radiation of a cusp of spun-up stars and the X-ray luminosity of Sgr A* – Sazonov, Sunyaev, Revnivtsev – arXiv:1108.2778 – (suggested 10/20)

Dean Townsley – Highlights from ApJ volume 741

10/21 No Talk Aparajita Sengupta, Large scale environments of z<0.4 active galaxies – Lietzen et al – arXiv:1109.1558 – (suggested 10/13)

Jimmy Irwin, X-ray Variability and Hardness of ESO 243-49 HLX-1: Clear Evidence for Spectral State Transitions – Servillat et al – arXiv:1108.4405 – (suggested 10/20)

Beidi Peng, Cause of Spiral Galaxy Rotation Rates: a Massive Graviton – Pestana & Eckhardt – 2011 ApJL, 741, 31 (suggested 10/20)

10/14 Timmy Brockett, Dependence of Barred Galaxy Fraction on Galaxy Properties and Environment – Lee, Park, Lee, & Choi – arXiv:1110.1933 Mihoko Yukita, A close nuclear black-hole pair in the spiral galaxy NGC 3393 – Fabbiano et al. – Nature, 477, 431 (proposed 10/7)

Donglian Xu, Detection of Pulsed Gamma Rays Above 100 GeV from the Crab Pulsar – VERITAS Collaboration – Science, 334, 6052, 69 – (proposed 10/10)

Ron Buta, A revised parallel-sequence morphological classification of galaxies: structure and formation of S0 and spheroidal galaxies – Kormendy & Bender (suggested 10/7)

10/7 James Pepper, Constraints on a simple fermionic dark matter model from direct and indirect detection experiments – original research Krista McCord, Are there Echoes from the Pre-big-bang Universe? A Search for Low-variance Circles in the Cosmic Microwave Background Sky – Hajian – 2011ApJ…740…52H (proposed 10/3)

James Pepper, New Constraints on Neutrino Velocities – Cohen & Glashow – arXiv:1109.6562 (proposed 10/4)

Dean Townsley, Constructing a One-solar-mass Evolutionary Sequence Using Asteroseismic Data from Kepler – Silva Aguirre et al – 2011ApJ…740L…2S (suggested 10/7)

9/30 Donglian Xu, Neutrino analysis of the September 2010 Crab Nebula flare and time-integrated constraints on neutrino emission from the Crab using IceCube – IceCube Collaboration –arXiv:1106.3484 Ka-Wah Wong, Gravitational redshift of galaxies in clusters as predicted by general relativity – Wojtak, Hansen, & Hjorth – Nature arXiv:1109.6571

Yuanyuan Su, Brief summary of conference talk on clusters

9/23 Aparajita Sengupta, Dwarf Galaxies as indicators of galaxy evolution in Large scale structures – based on Mahajan, Haines, & Raychaudhury 2011MNRAS.412.1098M Evan Million, Implicit Priors in Galaxy Cluster Mass and Scaling Relation Determinations – Mantz & Allen – arXiv:1106.4052 (proposed 9/12)
9/16 Yuanyuan Su, X-ray observations of the hot gas in early-type galaxies – original research Dawn Williams, Design and Initial Performance of the Askaryan Radio Array Prototype EeV Neutrino Detector at the South Pole – Allison et al. – arXiv:1105.2854 (proposed 8/25)

Bill Keel, The Space Density of Extended Ultraviolet (XUV) Disks in the Local Universe and Implications for Gas Accretion on to Galaxies – Lemonias et al. – arXiv:1104.4501 (proposed 4/26)

9/2 Welcome/Intro: Jimmy Irwin, Dos and Don’ts of Giving Formal 20 Minute Talks

Talk: Dean Townsley, Evaluating How Progenitor Properties Influence Type Ia Supernova Appearance

No Summary

Spring 2011

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
4/22 Krista McCord, Shining Light on Merging Galaxies I: The Ongoing Merger of a Quasar with a `Green Valley’ Galaxy – da Silva et al. – arXiv:1103.4134 Aparajita Sengupta, Too big to fail? The puzzling darkness of massive Milky Way subhalos – Boylan-Kolchin, Bullock, Kaplinghat – arXiv:1103.0007 (proposed 3/31)

Donglian Xu, Gamma-Ray Flares from the Crab Nebula – Abdo et al. – 2011Sci…331..739A (proposed 3/22)

Dean Townsley, Solar models with accretion. I. Application to the solar abundance problem – Serenelli, Haxton, Pena-Garay – arXiv:1104.1639 (proposed 4/21)

4/15 Erin Darnell, More evidence for extinction of activity in galaxies – Marecki & Swoboda – arXiv:1104.2521 Pat Toale, Dark Matter and The Habitability of Planets – Hooper and Steffen – arXiv:1103.5086 (proposed 3/30)
4/1 Donglian Xu, First search for atmospheric and extraterrestrial neutrino-induced cascades with the IceCube detector – IceCube Collaboration – arXiv:1101.1692 Dawn Williams, South Pole Telescope Detections of the Previously Unconfirmed Planck Early SZ Clusters in the Southern Hemisphere – Story et al. – arXiv:1102.2189 (proposed 3/7)

Bill Keel, PAndAS’ progeny: extending the M31 dwarf galaxy cabal – Richardson et al. – arXiv:1102.2902 (proposed 2/16)

3/25 Beidi Peng, Models of the Cosmic Horseshoe gravitational lens J1004+4112 – Dye et al. – 2008MNRAS.388..384D Jimmy Irwin, Creation of cosmic structure in the complex galaxy cluster merger Abell 2744 – Merten et al. – arXiv:1103.2772 (proposed 3/23)

James Pepper, The Fermi Gamma-Ray Haze from Dark Matter Annihilations and Anisotropic Diffusion – Dobler, Cholis, Weiner – arXiv:1102.5095 (proposed 3/11)

3/4 Timmy Brockett, Fermi Bubbles: Evidence for a Possible Recent AGN Jet Activity in the Galaxy – Guo & Mathews – arXiv:1103.055 Evan Million, Baryons at the Edge of the X-ray Brightest Galaxy Cluster – Simionescu et al. – arXiv:1102.2429 (proposed 2/13); X-ray Spectroscopy of the Virgo Cluster out to the Virial Radius – Urban et al. – arXiv:1102.2430 (proposed 2/13)

Erin Darnell, Integral Field Spectroscopy of Massive, Kiloparsec-Scale Outflows in the Infrared-Luminous QSO Mrk 231 – Rupke & Veilleux – arXiv:1102.4349 (proposed 2/28)

2/25 James Pepper, Search for Dark Matter from the Galactic Halo with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory – IceCube Collaboration – arXiv:1101.3349 Murray Silverstone, A closely packed system of low-mass, low-density planets transiting Kepler-11 – Lissauer et al – 2011 Nature 470, 53 or arXiv:1102.0291 (proposed 2/4)
2/18 Yuanyuan Su, XMM-Newton Observation of the Dark Group NGC 1407 — I. Gas Dynamics – Su, Gu, et al, in prep. Dawn Williams, Limits on Neutrino Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the 40 String IceCube Detector – IceCube Collaboration – xrXiv:1101.1448 (proposed 1/28)

Ka-Wah Wong, Sunyaev-Zeldovich observations of LoCuSS clusters with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager: high X-ray luminosity sample – AMI Consortium: Timothy W. Shimwell, et al. –arXiv:1101.5590 (proposed 2/3); Sunyaev-Zel’dovich observations of LoCuSS clusters with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager: moderate X-ray luminosity sample – AMI Consortium: Carmen Rodriguez-Gonzalvez, et al. – arXiv:1101.5589 (proposed 2/3)

2/11 Anna Manning, Probing for dust in overlapping galaxy pairs (original research) Krista McCord, The Molecular Gas Content of z<0.1 Radio Galaxies: Linking the AGN Accretion Mode to Host Galaxy Properties – Smolcic & Riechers – arXiv:1101.4935 (proposed 1/27)
2/4 Aparajita Sengupta, Tracing Dust-corrected star formation rates of galaxies using Halpha and IR (based on Kennicutt et al. 2009ApJ…703.1672K) Dean Townsley, Dependences of Type Ia Supernovae Lightcurve Parameters on the Host Galaxy Star Formation Rate and Metallicity – Konishi et al. – arXiv:1101.4269 (proposed 1/27)

Anna Manning, Sirius B Imaged in the Mid-Infrared: No Evidence for a Remnant Planetary System – Skemer & Close – arXiv:1101.4314 (proposed 1/27)

1/28 No Talk Timmy Brockett, The excitation of 5-min oscillations in the solar corona – Zaqarashvili et al. – arXiv:1101.3912 (poposed 1/21)

Pat Toale, Constraints on high-energy neutrino emission from SN 2008D – IceCube Collaboration – arXiv:1011.3942 (proposed 1/24)

Mihoko Yukita, Supermassive black holes do not correlate with galaxy disks or pseudobulges – Kormendy, Bender, & Cornell – arXiv:1101.3781 (proposed 1/21)

Fall 2010

Date Talk (Speaker, Article) Summary (Speaker, Article)
12/3 Timmy Brockett, SN 2009bb: a Peculiar Broad-Lined Type Ic Supernova – Pignata et al. – arXiv:1011.6126 Evan Million, Extreme AGN Feedback and Cool Core Destruction in the X-ray Luminous Galaxy Cluster MACS J1931.8-2634 – Ehlert et al. – arXiv:1010.0253 (proposed 11/5)
11/19 Erin Darnell, Evidence for a Black Hole Remnant in the Type IIL Supernova 1979C Patnaude, Loeb, & Jones – arXiv:0912.1571 Bill Keel, The Transition from “Normal” to “Broad Absorption Line Quasar” of Ton 34 – Krongold, Binette, & Hernandez-Ibarra – arXiv:1010.4817 (proposed 10/25)

Ron Buta, NGC 1300 Dynamics: I. The gravitational potential as a tool for detailed stellar dynamics – Kalapotharakos et al. – arXiv:1009.0376 (proposed 10/1)

11/12 Beidi Peng, Solar X-ray Jets and Solar polar plumes on the Sun Yuanyuan Su, The Murmur of The Hidden Monster: Chandra’s Decadal View of The Super-massive Black Hole in M31, Li et al. arXiv:1011.1224 (proposed 11/12)

Dean Townsley, Evaluating Systematic Dependencies of Type Ia Supernovae: The Influence of Deflagration to Detonation Density – Jackson et al. – 2010ApJ…720…99J (proposed 8/27)

11/5 Krista McCord, Evidence for a maximum jet efficiency for the most powerful radio galaxies – Fernandes et al. – arXiv:1010.0691 Jimmy Irwin, Fading of the X-ray flux from the black hole in the NGC 4472 globular cluster RZ 2109 – Maccarone et al. – arXiv:1009.2827 (proposed 10/21)

Erin Darnell, Stellar Population Variations in the Milky Way’s Stellar Halo – Bell et al. – arXiv:1010.2239 (proposed 10/14)

10/22 Donglian Xu, The first search for extremely-high energy cosmogenic neutrinos with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory – IceCube Collaboration et al. – arXiv:1009.1442PDF Presentation Bill Keel, The bulk of the black hole growth since z~1 occurs in a secular universe: No merger-AGN connection – Cisternas et al. – arXiv:1009.3265 (proposed 9/21)

Anna Manning, Galaxy Zoo Supernovae – Smith et al. – preprint (proposed 10/14)

10/15 James Pepper, Indirect Dark Matter Detection Limits from the Ultra-Faint Milky Way Satellite Segue 1 – Essig et al. – arXiv:1007.4199
Evan Million – Feedback under the Microscope: an in depth study of the Virgo Cluster (original research)
No Summary
10/8 Tony Morgan, SOPHIE velocimetry of Kepler transit candidates. I. Detection of the low-mass white dwarf KOI-74b – Ehrenreich et al. – arXiv:1009.1873 Dawn Williams, Observing Supernova 1987A with the Refurbished Hubble Space Telescope – France et al. – arXiv:1009.0518 (proposed 10/1)

Beidi Peng, STEREO observations of quasi-periodically driven high velocity outflows in polar plumes – McIntosh, Innes, de Pontieu, & Leamon – 2010A&A…510L…2M (proposed 9/24)

Pat Toale, Measurement of the Anisotropy of Cosmic-ray Arrival Directions with IceCube – IceCube Collaboration – 2010ApJ…718L.194A (proposed 10/1)

10/1 Timmy Brockett, Micro-Sigmoids as Progenitors of Polar Coronal Jets – Raouafi et al. – arXiv:1009.2951 Dean Townsley, The Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey: A 3.1 M_Earth Planet in the Habitable Zone of the Nearby M3V Star Gliese 581 – Vogt et al. – arXiv:1009.5733 (proposed 9/30)

Krista McCord, Witnessing the key early phase of quasar evolution: an obscured AGN pair in the interacting galaxy IRAS 20210+1121 – Piconcelli et al. – arXiv:1008.3987 (proposed 9/2)

9/25 Yuanyuan Su, X-ray Study of Metal Enrichment History in Early Type Galaxies (ongoing research) Timmy Brockett, Dwarf galaxies beyond our doorstep: the Centaurus A group – Cmojevic et al. – arXiv:1009.4198 (proposed 9/23)

James Pepper, A multi-wavelength study of the unidentified TeV gamma-ray source HESS J1626-490 – Eger et al. – arXiv:1009.1724 (proposed 9/10)

Donglian Xu, Role of Galactic sources and magnetic fields in forming the observed energy-dependent composition of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays – Calvez, Kusenko, & Nagataki –arXiv:1004.2535 (proposed 9/14)

9/17 Aparajita Sengupta, Abell 1882: Tracing the early evolutionary history of a typical cluster
Mihoko Yukita – Diffuse X-ray Emission & Star Formation in Nearby Normal Galaxies
No Summary
9/10 Anna Manning, Galaxy Zoo: Bars in Disk Galaxies – Masters et al. arXiv:1003.0449 Aparajita Sengupta, Star Formation Signatures in Optically Quiescent Early-type Galaxies – Salim & Rich – 2010ApJ…714L.290S (proposed 9/2)

Tony Morgan, X-ray study of HLX1: intermediate-mass black hole or foreground neutron star? – Soria et al. – arXiv:1008.3382 (proposed 8/23)

Jimmy Irwin, A Redshift for the Intermediate Mass Black Hole Candidate HLX-1: Confirmation of its Association with the Galaxy ESO 243-49 – Wiersema et al. – arXiv:1008.4125 (proposed 9/2)

9/3 Ka-Wah Wong, Non-Equipartition Effects in the Outskirts of Relaxed Galaxy Clusters (original research based on Wong & Sarazin 2009, ApJ, 707, 1141 and Wong, Sarazin, & Wik 2010, ApJ, 719, 1) Dawn Williams, Fermi LAT observations of cosmic-ray electrons from 7 GeV to 1 TeV – Fermi LAT collaboration – arXiv:1008.3999 (proposed 8/26)

Dean Townsley, On Variations of the Brightness of Type Ia Supernovae with the Age of the Host Stellar Population – Krueger et al. – 2010ApJ…719L…5K (proposed 8/27)

Ron Buta, Mid-Infrared Galaxy Morphology from the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S^4G): The Imprint of the de Vaucouleurs Revised Hubble-Sandage Classification System at 3.6 microns – Buta et al. – arXiv:1008.0805 (proposed 8/27); Galaxy Morphology – Buta – in “Planets, Stars, and Stellar Systems” (proposed 8/30)

8/27 Intro: Jimmy Irwin, Dos and Dont’s of Giving Formal 20 Minute Talks
Talk: Dean Townsley, Seismology of Rapidly Rotating Accreting White Dwarfs (original research)
No Summary

Spring 2010

Talk/Summary (Speaker, Article)
Dawn Williams, Detection of Very High Energy radiation from HESS J1908+063 confirms the Milagro unidentified source MGRO
Dawn Williams, Milagro Observations of Multi-TeV Emission from Galactic Sources in the Fermi Bright Source
Yuanyuan Su, Testing the link between terrestrial climate change and Galactic spiral arm
Timmy Brockett, On The Role of Acoustic-gravity Waves in the Energetics of the Solar
Bill Keel, On The Role of Acoustic-gravity Waves in the Energetics of the Solar